Distorted textures on world map

When selecting any airport or spots at the airport I’m missing all of the textures. It’s just a giant white box. Not even sure at this point how to fix it or what to do.

I would suspect an addon conflict as the most probable.
Have you tried with all addons removed from the community folder?
Are all sim updates installed?
Are you using any map or planner pug-in?

Same here as reported:

The pic in that post isn’t mine but I have no addons installed.

I removed my 4 addons I had and that didn’t fix it.

This poster had the same issue, and found a solution:

Yeah 11520X2160 is too much and messes up the map.

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I ran into the same issue. I wanted to run my triple screens in their native resolution (11520x2160), and scale down to 5760x1080 via 50% render resolution in game settings, but also get the white boxes on the world map.

these so called ’ white boxes ’ or how the topic heading is ’ distorted textures ’ , is nothing else than the information box about the choosen departure runway / airport. These we can see in both topics where the airport/runway was choosen.

Nothin mystic behind, and no strange textures.

The only one question might be:

  • Why are there not informations withint the boxes in the reported cases?

Yes, I agree the post heading is misleading, but was the only post I came across with the same issue I had when trying my native resolution. The information boxes do pop up, but are empty white boxes, and you have no ability to see the “select departure” or “select arrival” buttons.

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if you can avoid that if you use only one monitor, then we have a good error description ( also is multimonitor not yet official supported :grin: )

Simple like that! I have them in triples 4K too with a 4090. Unplayble and unacceptable for such a sim!