Distribute the load on a second PC

Good morning all,

My FS2020 license purchased on the Store runs on a Main pc but I have a less powerful Gamer PC that I would like to use to distribute the load, by buying a second license for example on Steam.
I wonder by what tool, by launching the two FS2020 and connecting them in the network, I could distribute the load to relieve the main PC. For example I could dedicate the work of detaching the instruments on the second PC because this function makes the FPS drop a lot.
Some software allows the synchronization of two FS2020 on 2 machines but I can’t find a solution.
Wideview allows synchronization but does not support the cockpit.
Youcontrols allows the sharing of cockpit controls but no more.
If you know of a solution adapted to my needs, please let me know your comments.

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My guess is there is no load distribution function built-in to the sim.

I don’t think it works that way, I’m sorry. Instruments are a part of the aircraft package itself, you can’t split the two separately because the the instruments receives data fed by the simulation engine and it also provides the same feedback into the simulation engine with the types of input you’re feeding it in. Separating the two into a separate instance on a second PC won’t work because the first PC will stop receiving data, while the second PC would still send/receive data from its own instance and not from the first PC. You’d have to break open the coding and modify it yourself to run that way, a process which I’m pretty sure is protected by Microsoft.

An analogy would be to break open 2 completely different cars with different engines, and attach them together to form a 8-wheel vehicle, all the while you have to combine both engines to work in sync and provide the necessary force to all 8 wheels with the same equal force. All with the hope that attaching the two cars would make it 2x faster.

I’m sorry, but you’d have to either sell both PCs and use the collective money that you earned from it, to get a more powerful PC. You’d still have to add some more on top of it, of course.

If budget is an issue, why not get an Xbox console instead?

Ok thank you, I understand what you mean.
I also think I’m on the wrong track. My PC is already powerful (I7-10700k - 32 GB DDR4 - RTX3080) but I ask it a lot of detached displays and these are really too FPS intensive even for this PC. I will rather look into optimizing the graphics to avoid the few jerks that I perceive, especially when landing and taking off.

Your PC is already more powerful than mine… Lol… :rofl: I don’t think you’re going to have a problem with running the sim. Heck, I run mine on 4K HDR with ULTRA settings on a weaker PC than yours and it runs fine for me.

If I may ask, why do you need a lot of detached displays? Are you building a home-cockpit setup?

Either way, I guess you need to do a bit of benchmarking process and troubleshooting, use the DevMode FPS display to determine where you’re getting your bottleneck from.

If it is a Limited by MainThread, I also had a similar issue, which goes away after I followed this post. Otherwise, you should be fine running the sim on Ultra with that spec. But if there are still few things that drops your FPS, you can reduce some graphics settings.

Just note, you don’t need to aim for 60 FPS, flightsim on 30 FPS is more than good enough. So just keep that in mind on how to target your settings.

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Yes, I can’t post a photo, but the installation is starting to look like an Airbus A320 home-cockpit!
I have 5 remote screens (3 x Samsung Odyssey 2K in Nvidia Surround moed + 1 Dell for Overhead Panel + 1 Dell for Simbrief, LukeAir Tool, etc…) and I have 3 tablets via Space desk to display PFD, ECAM , EVF… So yes it is tasty!! And yes I am in Ultra so the FPS go down around 18-20 on the ground, a few jerks, but once in the air 25-30 which is more than enough.

Wow, apologies for assuming you have budget constraints, with those setup planned, clearly budget is not an issue. Hahah.

In that case, I suggest that this topic be moved to #self-service:home-cockpit-builders. Someone way above my pay grade might help you better with it than I could.

hi there, have you seen these addon apps? https://www.msfsaddons.org/freeware/spacedesk
i think this is not the only one of its kind. i seen someone doing this with instruments.

Yes i already use it on 3 Android/IOs tablets for PFD/ECAM/EVF

Balancing the load between CPU and GPU helps tremendously. This post, and others by the same author, really made a big difference on my machine (older hardware).

Check out posts by @Grabber523 for more details on the process. There’s not a whole lot to it and the results may be stunning (they were for me).

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Wow, that’s quite some gear. Completely off topic: Have you ever tried VR?


Yes I also fly in VR (Oculus Quest 2) but almost exclusively for VFR flights at low altitude. The interest of VR is much more limited I find in Liner Airbus A320 because of the flight altitudes where there is not much to see. On the other hand, handling a homecocpit brings a different pleasure, especially on a Liner.

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You might want to look into wideFS and see if that serves your purpose.

Thanks i saw it, but : “WideFS is NOT a program for linking several copies of Flight Simulator, nor will it allow scenery or cockpit views on multiple PCs. It is purely for running EXTERNAL applications on a separate PC whilst still communicating with FS as if on the same PC. For such applications to work through WideFS they need to access Flight Simulator through the interface provided and defined by FSUIPC (or originally, for FS98 programs, FS6IPC).”

so far I remember P3D in Prof Plus Licence can do that ( $2500 or so ) , but not a game for 60€ :wink: