DLSS Functional?

I tried DLSS for the first time today and put it on ‘quality’ while loading a hot start on a runway and I got 49fps. I turned AA back to TAA and checked and I had…49fps.

Anyone gotten this to work successfully?

Whether it does anything depends upon what is throttling your particular setup. It makes a significant difference for me, but it also makes everything so blurry and full of artifacts regardless of the settings as to be basically unusable in VR, so I don’t use it regardless.

interesting. I use DLSS in many other games and it seems to have quite a noticeable effect regardless of the setup. do you know why it wouldn’t have a big difference in MSFS?
i didn’t notice much blurriness though. i was using dx12 as well. are you?

Because most games aren’t CPU limited which means your GPU is the bottleneck. Unfortunately MSFS is very much CPU bottlenecked on a single thread (it supports multithreading but the Single Core is still the most important) therefore DLSS isn’t going to help when the GPU isn’t already maxed out.


that makes sense. i have an rtx3090 so it’s definitely my cpu thats the bottleneck, and dlss doesn’t work on CPU. thanks for helping me understand why it doesn’t seem to show much of a difference on or off

i7 12700K @5.0 GHz all P cores, RTX 3080 without Nvidia Geforce Experience
32GB ram @3600

MSFS SU11_beta Ultra Settings
Frame rate limit - off, Vsync - off

For testing purpose select Cessna 172 Skyhawk G1000
Go to defalult airport NFTF rwy 29
Weather - clear skies
Time - 12:00 local

TAA 99.8 FPS

TAA 102.3 FPS

Press ESC > main menu > Select DLSS Quality - apply and save > quit to desktop.
Launch msfs.
DLSS Quality 119.7 FPS

DLSS Quality 118.1

Press ESC > main menu > Select DLSS Balanced - apply and save > quit to desktop.
Launch msfs.
DLSS Balanced 121.3 FPS

DLSS Balanced 118.9 FPS

Press ESC > main menu > Select DLSS Performance - apply and save > quit to desktop.
Launch msfs.
DLSS Performance 119.6 FPS

DLSS Performance 117.1 FPS

Press ESC > main menu > Select DLSS Ultra Performance - apply and save > quit to desktop.
DLSS Ultra Performance 121.2

DLSS Ultra Performance 119.0

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Sorry, what exactly do you mean?

  1. You have not installed it
  2. You removed it after installing the driver
  3. You have deactivated it

and also regarding “all P cores”, can you be more clear?

Many thanks :slight_smile:


Performance cores.

I meant, any settings in the BIOS or software like ProcessLasso?

Exactly mate - OC via bios settings.

Great, some examples? :wink: Thanks

Just Google it :wink:

thanks, looks like you do get some benefit, though ‘quality’ and ‘performance’ are basically the same which is interesting. you also have a 12th gen cpu which i heard has some performance gains. i’m on a 10th gen, not sure if that matters. i’ll post some screenshots like you did to compare

Hello @SinfulDanTheMan ,
Please use Community Support for community help questions.

Try default Ultra settings
Frame rate limit - off
Vsync - off

Nvidia drivers are also important.

1 Download latest Nvidia GeForce Hotfix driver version 526.61.

2 Uninstall nvidia drivers via DDU

3 Install Nvidia hotfix without nvidia geforce experience

I’m running the same tests for comparison.
What screen resolution did you use for testing?


What you are saying does not correspond to printscreen you posted which instead are 1920x1080.
At that resolution I get more or less the same FPS as you have.
In any case, I did the tests with SU10 so I will have to attend SU11 next week :crossed_fingers: