Do you get the same experience everytime?

Today for instance I had a flight where I lost engines shortly after takeoff due to a controller switch being in the wrong position. It was my fault and I decided to restart my flight. I chose to restart and take off again with all the same settings. That time all my dials didn’t work but I did nothing different to trigger this.

Sometime it takes 1 minute to load the game, others take 15 minutes. Sometimes I have 30fps when I load into an airport, other times I have 1 fps. Sometimes restarting a flight will fix it or it may never even load the new flight.

Is it just me or is this the general experience that everyone has?

Not just you, I get not only a different starting up experience, but every flight is different, for good or bad…

Sometimes, setting up for VR can take 5 minutes, others it takes so long I get fed up ad just fly in 2D. So many variables, and the more addons you add, the more areas there are for error… Sometimes, even my computer won’t cooperate, by not loading in background programs such as my buttkicker, or MSI afterburner…

Its just the way of technology as of late…

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Especially so if you try to do multiple flights in a row, without restarting MSFS in-between. Then all sorts of odd situations can arise. Sadly the sim takes so long to start that restarting it for each flight is a massive time cost.

Sometimes after it’s started it’s just broken and then you have to reboot and try again, costing another 10 minutes. It’s not good for those of us that have limited time per day, too much is wasted.

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I have always had consistent experiences. At present it takes about 1 min 35 sec to load and I rarely have any technical issues. PC, Ryzen 7 3700X, RTX3080, 32GB RAM, play in 4K on 32" monitor, typically GA aircraft. lowish, VFR.

My experience is similar. I keep a separate addon folder on my desktop and simply drop any addon in my community folder I need for the flight i plan to do. Takes about 20 seconds.

I know guys that have a crazy amount of addons numbering in the 100s loaded in their community folder. Ive never understood that. Just asking for problems.

Here is a post I made recently with concrete measurements of start time in various configurations.

For me right after an update it will bring random fixes and a slight fps performance increase at the start then it feels like the next few times I load in it deteriorates. I’ll see new bugs or something flat out broken. It might be something temporary and one off in a flight that happens that is new. It also feels like if I clear the shader cache it works for a bit just as much as getting a new update but the progressively gets more random instability the more times I load the game.