Does MSFS Have a Quality Problem?

And they haven’t bothered yet to fix any of them in the years MSFS2020 has been out. We have evidence from the trailers that some of them still aren’t fixed in 2024 so I reckon it is safe to assume most will still be there


I have been feeling like that for months. It is always what seems to be “Eye Candy” that is most important. The bugs, things that should work and do not, never seem to be addressed to their completion. That leaves a sinking feeling… I just want the things in the cockpit to work like they envisioned and led us to believe.


I agree; I never noticed the horizon bug without people pointing it out. It’s nowhere near the top of my list either, but I don’t think that’s the point.

This whole conversation is about whether or not there’s a quality problem, and failure to address longstanding issues to the point that the marketing for the next iteration showcases the horizon line bug has some people understandably concerned that the it’s going to be more of the same in 2024. So I don’t think the horizon line bug is the important bit, but it’s symptomatic of the quality control problem we’re discussing.


On the update side, not much update on graphic stuff, world update to improve city, but can’t relate to graphics update.

On the product before release, It’s a viscous circle. The most common request for the new MSFS was the scenery, graphics and 3d cloud, I garantie you remove these, simmer will stay under 5 millions that include no xbox and no new simmer community increase, basically, FSX\P3D range area and users need to pay 1000$ of add-ons with outdated stuff like they are still currently. People that complain about MSFS, they should not use it, there is others, but there is a reason they use it, maybe they like graphic too…There is no market for core simmer. Halo sold 250 millions of copy, just compare how poor is civilian sim compare to all others.

What is happening is it’s a reset of the MSFS, early version of P3D\XPLANE was bad, this is the same is happening there, and people never stop to pay because there is nothing on the market and most company don’t want to do it, it require too much task and finance. You will need to be patient, things about new engine and working from scratch have no relation to the result, you change the module section or improve it until it mostly stable, in fact, it will be worst and worst and not possible financially to redone everything. DCS is barely able to live and to continue development direct stated from the dev interview, there is not enough crowd for these stuff.

It is technically not possible to release many SIM update in a year without faulty and regression, until you release 1 and tested several months, 4-5 months of for a sim update and 2\3 testing\fixing and release, around 7 months before release, each time you add or tweak, you change the base structure.

The old MSFS way was 1 \2 update and wait until a new sim released, 3rd party always improved and fixed things. Asobo should open the weather system more and others few area and do the same, I never see any core engine working properly without 3rd party all are lacking, atc, ai traffic, weather, scenery and the list goes on and on and this is still currently the case.

So far in 2023, we have released two Aircraft & Avionics Updates (1, 2) and Sim Update 12. If you read through the changelogs for these three major releases, pretty much every item is related to fixing bugs and improving the core sim experience by making things like the physics model, avionics, and weather behave in a more realistic and true-to-life manner. Almost nothing in these updates could be reasonably categorized as “Eye Candy”.



I want to know how long I must wait for the 787 to be patched as I experience the landing rudder bug that was apparently discovered pre aau2 release so they knew they were going to break some users 787’s. It’s been 2 weeks and I now think I’ll have to wait until September until I can enjoy the 787 again. The A320 is not up to it as it loses the plot and circles during approach, the 747 and 787 stutter and so I only fly the ATR which itself is very buggy until you figure out how to avoid those and this is post aau2, so yes I agree there is a quality control problem and that’s ignoring all the other issues that existed before such as blanc avionics, the Hotas disconnections when interacting with the xbox mid al. Maybe 2024 will be better but I doubt I will bother with a ‘premium deluxe’ version.

I was experiencing what you are calling a landing rudder bug too…
I thought it was my settings… nothing changed there…being annoyed, I started blaming the latest update.
Recently, I checked my assistance settings and discovered ONE item had been turned on by whatever update or glitch was present at the time. My RUDDER assistance was turned ON… I never had it turned on and had all assistance turned OFF… O well, things change unexpectedly sometimes by the MSFS Ghosts…
When I turned my Rudder Assistance settings to OFF, all that rudder and landing steering problem I was having with the B787 was gone…
Worth a check.

Thanks will double check.

Thanks for your comments !
Makes me feel better… Even though we gripe a lot… we do appreciate all the fixes that are being attempted. No matter what, we still love our MSFS !

I also recalibrated my joystick using the windows command joy.cpl
That settled things a bit too… Of course, not sure your on a PC.

I am curious what things in the cockpit “do not work as envisioned”.

I just completed a flight in the Longitude from KELM to KRDU - a flight our company aircraft do three times a week. I am the lead avionics technician in our corporate flight department, and have ridden in the jump seat on these flights many times. I used the same flight plan our aircraft use, and everything worked perfectly. LNAV and VNAV in climb, cruise and descent were spot on, as were all aircraft systems.

Speed and altitude constraints descending on the ALDAN3 arrival and ILS 05R approach were handled extremely well - in fact I dare say somewhat better than the real $25,000,000 Dassault Falcon 900 aircraft we use on these flights perform, when the entire descent is conducted under autopilot control.

The Live Weather upper winds and temperatures aloft at all altitudes were very accurate compared to the GFS predictions in the ForeFlight app I use on every flight in MSFS. I overlay real-time NOAA GOES cloud imagery in Foreflight and it matched very well with the cloud patterns I was seeing out the window. MeteoBlue recently stated they are now enhancing Live Weather with real time satellite imagery, and from what I have seen in recent weeks I believe them.

An important proviso: I do not use MSFS automated ATC or automated AI traffic, and would not use either feature even if they were 100 percent accurate. (For a variety of reasons).

I do use Vatsim often, with other player traffic provided by FSLTL model matching, and those features work very well.

The fact that those features are not important to me does not mean they should not be made to work well for those who do use those features. It is just that I (personally) am not affected by any bugs in either feature, and cannot address them.

Other than that, I keep reading about all these horrible continuing “bugs” that exist in MSFS (although few of those complaining specify what those bugs are), and I am left saying: “Huh? you could have fooled me”.

In over 3 years of using MSFS almost daily (on PC since Alpha 4) I have never had a single CTD… ever. I do occasionally experience brief server disconnections (which quickly restore), but I have never once had a “low bandwidth” message.

Though I normally use 3rd party aircraft (PMDG and Fenix), ever since the AAU1 and AAU2 updates, I find myself using default aircraft more and more, including the G1000 equipped C172, the CJ4 and Longitude, and now the 787-10. As an aircraft maintenance specialist with 20 year’s experience working on real Collins Proline 21 systems, I find the accuracy of the WT version in the default CJ4 to be astounding. Especially since the upgrades to that aircraft were absolutely free.

I am certainly not saying that MSFS is perfect, nor that there is no room for improvement. The “white dot” bug should be fixed without delay for instance. But I see no evidence that Asobo or MS has a serious “quality” problem - and as a r/w mechanic, avionics specialist and instrument rated PPL, I am very* picky about accuracy.

One last point about the horizon line bug. I have never noticed it myself, but I have seen plenty of photographic evidence that it does exist under certain conditions.

But I am also aware that Asobo has stated that the root cause is so deeply buried in the core of the rendering engine of MSFS, that it is impossible to fix. It would probably require a completely different rendering engine, and even then, there is no guarantee. It could even be related to low level graphics functions in the Win 10/11 OS itself.

I have no reason to think that Asobo is lying about that, nor about the impossibility of fixing it without scrapping the entire rendering engine of the game and starting over. At this late stage of MSFS development, that isn’t going to happen.


Where is this “current news” that states FS2024 is “just a partial migration of the technical core with some new features added”? That goes against what has been said in all the interviews with Seb and Jorg. I would like to see the source of this news.

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Here you have it:

Is it official enough?



Very happy everything worked for you on your KELM to KRDU flight, including L & V Nav.
Hopefully, you were using a MSFS unmodified “Stock” aircraft with “Nothing” in your Community folder.
It does not work that way for all of us and if you look at some of the avionics complaints in these forums over the past 6 months I feel certain you will find items that failed for some and worked for others and may have worked perfectly for you. In any case, that is the way I find it. You may find it differently.

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He says in there that they are “completely changing the architecture of the sim”. He does say it will be backwards compatible with addons. That only means they have to conform to the same interface specification when reading addons. In both this interview and the FSElite interview which was more detailed, they talked about pulling parts of the sim off the main thread. They talked about new physics and having surface points all over the plane. They talked about surfaces knowing about other surfaces such as the hot air balloon blowing up and collapsing, or the ropes from the helicoptor falling freely and being simulated. There was a lot more covered. But all that stuff, it is not a migration of FS2020 code and then adding some new features. By stating that “current news” states that its just MSFS 2020 code with new features, you are going to have people reading that, then everyone is going to be all in an uproar again on why this isn’t DLC instead of a new sim.

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As I said, I use the PMDG and Fenix aircraft primarily. I also have the Aerosoft CRJ and Leonardo MD80, as well as the JustFlight Piper Arrows.

My community folder is quite full . I have 13 US payware airport add-ons, as well as many, many freeware airport improvement packages from I use the Rex Seasons product, the “I Love VFR” Region 1 and 2 addons, and Toolbar Pushback. I also have Just Flight “Real Taxiways” which is an payware add-on that gives correct taxiway numbering and signs at almost all US airports.

I recently acquired the ATR, which is my only Marketplace purchase to date.

I have never once had any system problems whatsoever. (Other than the recent “white dot” issue). No avionics black screens or system malfunctions, no autopilot or navigation issues. I have done a 10 hour flight in the 737 BBJ, and just recently completed a 14 hour flight in the AAU2 787-10, with absolutely no loss of FPS from beginning to end.

If there is a fundamental flaw in MSFS causing those issues, it should affect me too, but it does not.

I do have a high-end PC custom built and tuned for flight simulation by JetLine Systems, and it is dedicated solely for FS. (I also use XP12). I have a second PC for day-to-day tasks. There is no software installed on the FS PC other than what is absolutely required to support simulation. It has a debloated “stripped down” version of Win 11.

How MSFS performs can very definitely be affected by the quality of the base PC, how well it is configured, and what other software is installed, or which may run in the background.

Most importantly, I use a very high quality internet router, connected to the PC via Ethernet.

Many people (I think) use routers provided by their ISP, which tend to be very basic “bottom of the barrel” products. When I read of individuals connecting MSFS to the internet via crowded 2.4 GHz WiFi, or even worse, tethering to a phone via WiFi, which in turn uses 5G to connect to the Internet, it is no wonder that people have issues.

I don’t have this luxury, but I do think that connectivity (speed, ISP performance, latency, servers, etc, etc, etc…) have so much more impact than we all realize. Just yesterday my home network was in a “weird” state and I was only getting 3 Mbps download speed. I didn’t know it at the time. I just couldn’t figure out why MSFS was painfully slow for me. I tried a speedtest and saw my issue, re-booted by network, hit 70 Mbps, and MSFS was like new.

So for me, that time, it was my home network. But how many of us really know what else is happening outside our walls? I’m afraid connectivity issues might make things worse in MSFS2024. Didn’t they say they were going with a slim client and relying more and more on the cloud? That worries me a little bit.

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I think people is able to have it´s own criteria to judge it but this does not look as a new game to me. It´s an upgrade of the existing one as it still shares many of the current features as we have seen in screenshots and videos. I didn´t find any official statement saying that game has been redesigned from scratch or is moved to a completely new engine like Unreal 5 or things like that. If you found it feel free to share it.

The horizon bug is still there, the colors and light are the same (except some added extra reflections), the sound quality is not changed, etc. I mean… If that´s not a partial migration then how would you define FS2024? It´s clear that they are still reusing a significant part of the technical features, code and content, while adding more content and redesigning a few technical aspects, yes. But this is not meaning they are making a full new engine. By the way the thin client is not a change of architecture. It´s just moving local content to the cloud. Something that could have been done since release indeed if they wanted. It makes no difference to stream a city or a whole world update, for instance. The streaming feature was already implemented in vanilla game.

Remember MSFS was advertised as a new game and we found months later that they were still reusing many of the FSX code. That´s the magic of marketing… I´m too old to eat everything they say. I just analyze the past 3 years from a pragmatic point of view. That´s what matters as it´s the real proof of what we can expect. The rest is just an advertising promisse. As the OP wrote reputation is the key here and to be honest they need to improve it with quality and facts, not with nice words and artwork.



You won’t see this anytime soon and not all engine will works for flight sim, Asobo graphic “engine” was one of the few worked for procedural for Bing in the market. Create new game from scratch don’t means bug less or better.

Before release in the interview they said are using more and less FSX and Asobo engine mixed, such bgl and these stuff.