Don't sink warning appears on all GPWS equipped aircraft

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This has been an issue that keeps getting closed/archived. When doing a touch and go in the C172 G1000 edition, as you begin ascending for your second takeoff, the “don’t sink” warning comes on over and over and over, despite have a positive climb rate.

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Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #? No. Who are they and why would I contact them? Guess I am missing something as I am new to MSFS 2020.

It does it in the C208 with the NXi as well.

For Zendesk, look at the top of the page for a “Support” button. This will take you to Zendesk where you can log a support ticket.

Hi @mnsnownutt,
The forum is community assistance (members helping members). Zendesk is the official way of contacting support.

I’ve zendesked this item a few times already.
Very annoying and AFAIR it appear on all GPWS equipped aircraft.

Can you post your Zendesk ticket number here? (just the number, not the link). This helps correlating a ticket to a topic on the forum. Thanks!

The last one is #129122 and interestingly as soon as I had sent it, it had a SOLVED sticker added…

Hopefully this thread will get one of those new “bug logged” tags in that case.

Thank you. The “solved” means they acknowledge an issue and have moved it from Zendesk to the Devs internal tracker.

@hobanagerik I’ll get someone to look at this further if the tag needs added now that we have a ticket number that was marked “solved”.


I do know what SOLVED means, but the weird thing is that this issue exists since day one of MSFS.
Unfortunately it’s impossible to find out when it has been tagged as SOLVED.


Appreciate the responses and the information.

Has anyone (DON’T SINK) found a way to silence (DON’T SINK) the “Don’t Sink” warning (DON’T SINK) yet?

Just (DON’T SINK) curious (DON’T SINK).

Yes. After your first landing, don’t take off again. :wink:

But seriously, I have had a few occasions where this has not happened. I’m not sure I did anything different though. Perhaps my climb out was steeper, but I’m not sure.

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Thanks man! I knew there’d be a solution, and I didn’t even have to clear out my Community folder :rofl:

Issue fixed in Sim Update VIII