Dragging Switches to Turn on and Off

Is there a way to turn off having to drag all the switches on and off? To turn the landing lights on now I have to drag each individual switch. This is so frustrating!


Hi Nicole,

I’m assuming you’re using the mouse to adjust switches in the cockpit?
U should also be able to use your mouse wheel to switch knobs in the different positions.

Besides that, there are also ways to customize how to operate switches.

If you need any more assistance, feel free to DM me or other copilots via @Copilot

Happy flying :slight_smile:

Hi @SafeTunic431906!
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General Options → Accessibility → Cockpit interaction → Change to “LEGACY”

Select default mouse profile > apply and save.

Does anything in this post help?

If not let me know and I will highlight your issue and look into a fix tomorrow.

No need :wink:

Yep all is good again. Thank you everyone for te help!

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