Drop in performance


A problem that many aviation friends have reported since the last uptate is:
A big drop in GPU and CPU performance of 60% on longer flights.
we tried everything but was of no use.
There’s probably a data leak somewhere.
Please correct this as soon as possible.
Sincerely, L. Müller

I also wrote a topic on this yesterday because it affects me in exactly the same way. However, I have also found that besides turning off the AI traffic, setting the cockpit refresh rate to low brings tremendous FPS. Flying now with the 787 for 4 hours and high graphics setting to 60 FPS continuously.


Thank you so much for this information!

I was down to 15 fps after a 4.5 hour flight, and turning AI traffic off and back on again brought me up to 50 fps again!

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that makes me happy, as I said best to set the glass cockpit refresh rate to low that brings me the most / best FPS

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Hello everyone,

as there are multiple topics on this issue,
this topic is beeing closed.
This should prevent the splitting of votes and it may help in finding a solution.
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Thank you everyone for your contribution!