Easter Island Moai statues

I don’t know if you guys got them in the PC version, but I play the Xbox version and I know the Easter Island heads are missing from Easter Island.

I would suspect they’ll be added when they do a WU for that area. But who knows when that will happen!

So your saying it’s not in the PC version either ? I seen images of people posting pics of Easter Island with the heads, but I guess they could have been a addon in the game since I’m sure the PC version has tons more addons compared to Xbox.

Thanks for your answer, I won’t post about any other things like that (Dracula’s castle) is another that’s missing.

I’ll take another look at it and verify.

Those Easter Island statues have always been a mystery. How did they get there ? It Seems the MSFS team havent solved the mystery yet !


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here they are:

won’t help you much with XBox though.

They have Mataveri for xbox with the Moai 3rd party. There’s a new one coming in 2 days from SoFly apparently.


is this update up yet? also does it cost $$$

This item was delivered in World Update 13: Oceania (