EDDH from JustSim

Hey guys…

I’m getting a CTD when loading my a320 on runway 5 in EDDH from Justsim.
Anyone else getting this problem?

Kind regards

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I’m having the same issue with aerosoft’s EDDM and EDLP. Seems to be related to Bing data. Please disable bing data temporarily to if it loads now. I suspect that you will be able to get to the airport with bing data off and once you enable it, the sim will crash.

Yes i have the same problem with the new brussels justsim

I have started a thread to keep all the reports in one place.

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It’s detected by some other users and me too… CTD when Bing Data is active. Not one of the third Party Airport’s will load. It’s seems that this is a bigger issue.
Hope they will get it soon as possible.

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try renaming the .cgl file. Worked a treat for me. I also made a copy of it just in case.

Hi all! I’m going to close this topic so that we funnel this into one topic for tracking. Please use this topic to contribute to: