EHRD - Rotterdam - MaterialLibs folder shows EGRD + possibly holdshort nodes missing

Hi All,

I am on PC via Steam. Dev mode on, used before to get rid of big holes in ground

Problems indentified:

  1. MaterialLibs subfolder name shows egrd instead of ehrd. Is this on purpose or is this an error?
    C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Official\Steam\microsoft-airport-ehrd-rotterdam\MaterialLibs*egrd*-materials
  2. AI Pilot disregards the holdshort instructions and taxies onto the runway without asking for take-off clearance. This is true for both runway 24 and 06.

Would be nice if the AI pilot issue (caused by scenery I guess) can be fixed, so that no human corrective action is required to get him to take-off.

On the MS store version the same mis-named folder also occurs.

However, I think it is just a typo from when the airport was built and I don’t think it is affecting adversely how the airport is rendered in the sim. The reason I say this is that the layout.json file correctly references this “incorrectly” named texture folder:

Thanks @tamalien , That is good to know. 50% solved :grinning: