Emergency patch or rollback?

Why hasn’t ASOBO released any hotfixes or rollback patches? Considering all the issues currently plaguing the game and not testing their own patches before release, why has the developer not released any patches/hotfixes to fix their own failures? To take 2-4 weeks to develop and bundle any and all ‘fixes’, only causes more coding mismanagement and failures. Why not a development server for a group of beta testers to test, before releasing a more stable code for the production software and servers. Other sandbox and community games have this type of development. Please reconsider your processes, before such releases. Seems you need to fix the in game issues first, before release fancy scenery and new enhancements. I’d like to fly and view Japan, not crash into Mt Fuji because of a software bug. Airbus, Boeing, and other aircraft manufacturers you represent in your game are not impressed on how their aircraft ‘fly’ or basically crash in your simulator currently.

Hi @skoontz, thanks for the report, and welcome to the forums. Hot fixes were addressed around the 42min mark on the live Developer Q&A last week. Additionally, there are several pre-existing threads located here:

Since we recently added the voting capability, I would encourage you to go to one of the more popular threads and hit the vote button in the top left section of the post. Here is a recent one: Hotfixes incorporated ASAP for certain important fixes

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