Enhanced API to access all aircraft state and trigger all cockpit functions

Still looking for a way to read/write Z-vars from an external program …

I’d be happy with the B,I,O vars but yes the other less used ones would also be useful. Seems no movement on this really important issue. Some feedback on what’s happening with it would be nice.


Z vars are increasing important to be able to monitor, as often it is an advantage to use them instead of the widely shared L:vars.

Hopefully support for Z:vars can be included / added to “MobiFlight”, and other similar apps, ie A&O, Spad-next etc

I wish I could vote a hundred times. Behind each one of these folks that need a standardized, simplified api there are, sometimes, hundreds or thousands of people who want their product. Asobo needs to take this seriously. They’re creating their own mess and aren’t dealing with it.


Hear, hear. We’ve waited far too long. Fancy even considering the notion of not making everything available from the start. The whole structure and concept is so poorly thought out it’s not funny.

A definite lack of basic “Conçue” from day one ?

Upvote from me!
This is a very much needed feature!


With the release of AAU1, you have done so much awesome work to the virtual cockpits. Now, let’s bring it to the home cockpits!

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It’s been almost a year since I last visited this thread and I wondered if anything has changed at all or if there’s any light at the end of the tunnel.


I was wondering the same myself. Seeing as many of us probably have this topic tagged, an update in here on the situation on this would be a good place to inform those folks that really care about a solution for this. Rightly or wrongly a lack of communication brings the feeling that nothing is happening.


Just seen on the latest dev update that this has now progressed from under Investigation to Planned. I just hope what is actually planned is what we all actually want.


Exactly. :woozy_face:


i wish somebody would reach out to me about this and gather some input from our community.


Yes that would be nice but In case there is any doubt from the Asobo side we want access to be able to read and write all the other events/vars used in the sim that we currently cannot use just like we currently can do with L vars. Specifically the important ones are the B, I & O vars with B being the most important.


i agree - look back at my first post, that’s stated there exactly like so. The requirements have really not changed since i started this thread.


Yes i have seen it and was just reiterating the point. If we end up with anything other than what has been clearly stated here by you, me and many others then it will prove that the community is not being listened to and not engaged with. Let’s hope they have read and fully understand what is being requested here and do the right thing by everyone. I wait with much anticipation.

yes. that’s my concern too. That’s why I wish they’d reach out to me … in the beginning during the first developer streams it was clear to me that they didn’t get the intention of this request.


We certainly need someone from Asobo to reach the community and give us hints about what it is that is “planned” about this topic! Their absolute silence doesn’t feel okay… There’s been too much time already since the first time this was on request.


Voted, yes we need access to bvars

This would open up some nice accessibility device options