Extremely low GPU usage (Random)

Hello everyone.
Some times the SIM randomly uses extremely low GPU power (around 20%) making the FPS to drop by half. Let me explain.
Same time of the day, same weather same airport same aircraft:
CPU usage 40% GPU usage 60% and 50FPS
after sim restarts
CPU usage 40% GPU 18% and 22FPS
after sim restarts again
CPU usage 40% GPU usage 60% and 50FPS
It’s like the sim randomly decides not to use GPU power. Every time I start the sim I hope is the lucky attempt otherwise I have to restart.
The test were performed at ENGM airport but same issue everywere.
Any help?

Are you just sitting cold & dark at a parking spot or gate with nothing moving like ground crew or airport vehicles? Occasionally when I’m sitting at one spot and nothing on the screen is changing, my FPS drops to around 11-14 FPS. Doesn’t make too much sense to me.

Depending on the CPU and GPU, some combinations can have the CPU shift some of its processing to the GPU.

Mmmm… yes. But when I turn on the aircraft nothing changes. Still terrrible FPS with GPU usage at 15-20%. I have to close and restart the sim to get the GPU being used again. I see your point about GPU tasks being shifted to CPU but such behavior does not make any sense to me :slight_smile:

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It is strange that closing and restarting MSFS “fixes” the problem temporarily. The only thing I can think of is some sort of network problem; that is, a network problem slows the data flow enough that it craters the FPS. Restarting MSFS “unclogs” the network. Until the network problem happens again.

This is still happening. happening to me right now. 5 FPS, GPU usage 11%.

It’s so weird, it’s like my computer isn’t really trying. The fans barely spin up, the game takes ages to load, and then the performance is terrible. And then other times, my fans sound like an Embraer EMB-110 and it runs at a nice clip. It’s like something is invoking a power-saving mode or something. I’m fiddling around with video driver settings.

OK, I’ve made an observation here. I’m hesitant to even share it, because it could be hyper-specific to my system, but you never know!

If I allow my computer to enter Sleep or Hibernation, then wake it up and try to play, it never reaches full performance, as if it’s in some kind of battery-saving mode. If I stick to keeping it awake or doing full shut downs or restarts, it’s raring to go. I don’t know if it’s a Windows thing, or maybe some firmware issue with my particular computer (ASUS Strix something-or-other), but it could be worth investigating.