F-18 tacan

Appears to be implemented but won’t display bearing and DME in the HSI?

Anyone got it to show?


It works sometimes. I’ve managed to get it to pick up the San Diego VOR (MZB, 117.80 MHz, channel 125X) near Miramar MCAS for example. I’ve not really investigated much though. I think it needs to be set to T/R to work.

There is a table converting VOR frequencies to TACAN channels here.


Yes, I have gotten the DME etc to show with the HUD indicator- enter the channel, and use T/R. Should be on the upper left on the HSI if correct. E.g. KINS is 87X.


Done that but no TACAN - tried a few on todays flight.
Am I missing something?
TACAN - frequency in (x or y) - ON - TACAN selected on DDI on HSI ?

Ah, yes sorry missed that step. The HSI screen should also have TCN highlighted as well. Other settings, ON and T/R should be correct however.

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Nice. Thanks lads.

Welcome, glad it worked!

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So, that all worked. Again, Cheers.

I noticed some QR codes on the Oxygen Monitor behind the pilot seat on the left.

They worked - and, a little predictably point to;

Cool that they worked though.


lol, crazy detail - good find there! Wonder what other Asobo tricks they have in various planes…

I haven’t noticed any in any other aircraft so far but I haven’t been looking particularly hard.

On the TACAN - with little or no other NAV functionality so far discovered - I’m guessing they’ve set up TACAN to locate the Carrier when it launches.

For sure there, very limited (but understandably) compared to the DCS C/Bl.20. But like ThatAJWGuy mentioned, sometimes works. Agreed though, good for certain scenarios only.

Yeah. Have you worked out how to dial in a HDG yet? - without the toggles for CRS and HDG in the original Hornet?

HDG is selectable on the A/P but useless if it just flips you around to 359 ° which is what HSEL is set to on the HSI

Ah, haven’t looked at that yet unfortunately. But did notice it was different at least. Not sure if it’s supposed to be on the number-pad system for a SuperHornet or buried in a menu system not provided… Or just bugged atm for that matter.

Tried it on the UFD (num pad) - HDG is selectable in A/P and tried inputting a HDG - ENT - but it wasn’t having it.
If they’ve done away with the original Hornet toggles for HDG and CRS it must now be a function within the UFD - but it doesn’t work.

Such a lovely aircraft - so much to MOD.
Someone’s already got their hands dirty with the external smoke/ vapour effects, etc. very good.

Now we need a team to get cracking on the avionics and systems.

Look at what was done (is being done) with the Default A320?

You will find tips for tacan navigation here: F/A-18E Startup + Basic TACAN Navigation - #3 by trex5365 There also is pic in post 7 that shows the switch to change heading/course


I despair at my lack of observation skills Elijot. Thank you very much for posting - so that’s where the pesky little toggles moved to;

Hadn’t thought to look there either I admit- thanks!

Toggle for heading is there below the left DDI. what I hate is I cannot use the heading “plus” “minus” dial so I have to hold the heading toggle or assign something else to repeat the hold.

There isn’t a HDG Dial - that’s the point - it’s a toggle switch - as on the original Hornet - it just moved six inches down and to the left of where it was and a bunch of us couldn’t find it. Just press and hold Left or Right to spin the HDG around the HSI.

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