First Impressions of Flight Control Replay on a Mid-Range PC

I don’t know where to stick this post, but it’s my first impressions of Fabio’s Flight Control Replay. I took some shots from various addon airports in the FBW, 747 and 787. If you’re interested in a replay tool, this may be a good place to start.

Check out some takeoffs and landings and see how my 1080ti and 8700k processor handle the sim. I’m actually impressed.

Hi Sage, seeing your topic is about a third-party tool I have moved your topic to the Third-Party Addon Discussion area of the forums:

Cool, thanks for that.

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Hi! Beautiful, just beautiful videos! I just bought the FCR five days ago and I just love it! I’ve been waiting since October 2020 for this tool. I was used to the FSX tool FSRecorder and FCR is pretty much as good.
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There are a couple of other related threads with more videos and questions etc answered about FCR - it’s a great tool and the developer is really responsive. He’s let me have a preview of the upcoming March update, which is great - ironed out a couple of wrinkles for me, especially some stuttering, which is now completely gone - and I’ll be updating my first impressions review shortly.

I made a little video tonight with the preview of the March update, just for fun - smooth as silk replay:


I updated my review of FCR now I’ve been using it a bit more and also the dev kindly let me try out a preview of the upcoming March upated version - which is awesome and made a big improvement for me, Super smooth playback! The review is here:

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