First impressions on GOTY (SU7) or Reno Air Races

Hello, fellow simmers.

With the release of GOTY, aka SU7, bringing us a lot of wonderful features, such as an improved weather system, more fixes to night lighting, DX12, Reno, new aircraft, VR controller support, which I’m most excited about because of the immersion enhancement provided, and even the long awaited replay system, this update has sure brought on a lot of content for us simmers to explore. Please feel free to share how you honestly feel about all the new content given to us by the wonderful people at Asobo in the comments below.

There’s a thread pinned for feedback but no posts in it so far :thinking: is it locked or something?

I am having loads of fun with the Reno Races and the airplanes.

And the races can be cutthroat! The last race is a testament to that (see times below)! But hey, I’ll take that win!

Plenty of aircraft to choose from, easy to understand rules, great UI assistance to help guide through the circuit and overall just good fun! And nice to take the racer planes out for casual free flying too. Especially the T-6’s are great for VFR runs!

Only two things I’m really missing.

  1. Ability to have races based on groups or friend lists. E.g. friendly friends-only race option so you could have your own little competitions and whatnot, or host larger events with multiple racers and brackets and whatnot.

  2. This is more of a “something I’d love to see added to the Reno Racing later on” kind of thing, but the STOL Drag Racing would be a fantastic addition. Quick and intense runs in an elimination style bracket would be great. Start out with 8 or 10 racers going head-to-head until only two remain.


New aircraft are a joke.
95% or systems are not simulated at all.
I can understand that is not DCS (F18) but Pilatus is so sad. You can’t release this xxxx while MilViz version is already released.
Volosomething is bad ALSO in the 3d model :frowning:
The Xcub is the best but we already have it in a lot of different versions.
Planes for Reno are all not simulated at all. It’s clearly a DLC to try to sell game to console guys.


World Map does not spin with mouse, Mouse curser still freezing, Reverse engine button not working as it should, SENSITIVITY STILL NOT FIXED on Xbox !!!


With the MS Servers throttling most folks internet, they probably haven’t even finished downloading it yet.

One. Yes they can. The Milviz version costs $30 and this does not. Two. The Porter is actually very good.

My impression is the complete opposite across the board.

This doesn’t make a lick of sense, to be honest.

On what experience do you base your idea that the aircraft are “not simulated at all?” (whatever that may mean) :thinking:


This is coming. They mentioned it in yesterday’s Q&A.

I was looking forward to fly the NX since the day MSFS came out. Now Asobo released a Cub NX with the most solid nose wheel I’ve ever seen. The real NX has a very flexible nose wheel with a lot of dampening. The one in the sim is way too solid, almost no flex. I’m really disappointed because I love the NX.

My first impressions of GOTY: not good for VR users, to put it mildly. The essential VR toolbar does not work at all. Performance is down (but that could be because of release day net traffic, or because the weather is now more accurately simulated, and clouds etc. have always been very taxing on my system).

Couldn’t care less about these clunky VR controllers (but maybe I should give them a try first, lol…)

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Asobo delivers us a plane specializing in skydiving, with no opening doors, no external animations as we can see at Milviz. Truly ? A PC-6 that you can only fly for piloting? Terribly disappointed

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Please tell me you’re actually joking. :thinking:


If you are a Tech Alpha Insider, we can finally understand why our loved sim will be an arcade game sooner or later.
Thanks :broken_heart:


Here, lemme help you out.

This is an arcade game.

This is not.

You’re very welcome. :hugs:


You know what ? No actually. It’s very frustrating for me, because the plane is exceptionally modeled, the avionics seem correct, the handling of the turboprop and the sounds are great but something is missing. Just enough to make the plane ALIVE. So no, I’m not kidding, I who like to simulate actions in this simulator, is definitely missing what seems to be details for you, but which for me are really important. It is very dificult to add 2 animations ?

Maybe i take things too seriously because the Porter has been my favorite plane for 25 years and the first i’ve seen in my life, but i find it frustrating. I won’t bother you anymore on the subject and I return to Milviz’s …


Why do people keep going off topic


However, I repeat, no complaints on the subject. The plane is really successful. But you don’t seem to share my little disappointment …

If the fact that the doors of an aircraft don’t open is so very frustrating for you, I don’t know what to tell you. But you have a payware version already, feel free to enjoy that one I guess? I’d be more disappointed if a free aircraft made my $30 spent a month ago completely obsolete.

That being said, the Porter really isn’t “specialized in skydiving.” It’s specialized in transport, that’s why it’s called “Porter.”

Some have found it works well for skydiving, but that’s besides the point, none of the configurations included is a skydiving one.


Mixed feelings on the Reno planes so far.

The 3D modeling is gorgeous. The performance capabilities are super fun. The canopies don’t open, which is a real shame. The interior sounds are lackluster for that Merlin and throaty Pratt and Whitney radial. I hate to say it, but the 152 sounds beefier. :\ Some of the switches I flicked in the P-51 disappeared after I did so? So I couldn’t actually adjust those again because the switch was entirely missing. Start-up seemed overly easy. I had to read the Milviz manual to start the Corsair. Throw a couple switches and you’re set in the P-51 and T-6. I know that’s a whole process in real life.


exactly, its pure arcade. still can be fun tho.

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