First Officer

Despite letting the FO handle radio comms there are times when he/she goes awol and will not respond yo ATC leaving it to me?

Only a restart of the sim fixes this.

Has anyone come across this problem and perhaps a solution that doesn’t involve a restart?

Only once or twice, usually on the ground after landing where the AI can’t tell whether I want to taxi to the gate or to take off. And when we’re suppose to get clearance for take off, because it doesn’t seem to register that I’m in position.

I never need to restart the sim. I just open the ATC window and make a response, and the AI comms usually take over again afterwards.

AI comms issue never happens to me when cruising for frequency change handover. Only happens on those two examples I mentioned.

I’ve also had it happen now and again, usually seems to clear up after I pick the next option though.

Yep. AI co-pilot Charlie can be unreliable. I have encountered this too … usually when requesting something different to what ATC was ‘expecting’. It’s not consistent though and sometimes Charlie will start helping out again, sometimes not. I’ve never been ably to pin down exactly the circumstances why.

Yes. But, only if I Continue a flight…
Start by creating a new flight, fly that flight, land, park & shut down.
Click Continue (when the option menu pops up).

While still in the cockpit, I program a new flight plan (pick local airport as departure and new destination airport) in the navigation system.

After getting IFR approval, taking off and that is when I usually enable AI Controls to take over the Radio.

Some times I cannot get IFR option from ATC on the ground. I take off then ask for IFR flight plan to continue. Still no AI Control for the radio.

I have tried the other options, AI Control to Fly or Checklist.

I do not have to restart the SIM to get it back. I exit to the main screen and start a new flight.

There is a similar master topic we are using for AI Control:

This. Gladly it pauses when we prepare to Taxi and can intervene. It is working normally as intended.