FPS gain when MSFS is not a focused application

I encounter a weird problem, when i set the focus MSFS (on VR) i have a stuttering image but when i change the focus to another application, MSFS is smooth…

The problem on video :
www . twitch . tv/videos/1097982221 (sorry, not allowed to post links)

I’m on Ryzen 7 5800x, 32 Go of RAM, GTX 1070 and Oculus Rift S.
MSFS (Steam version) is the only things with bad performance, not hardware issue (i see you, keep your comment)
I have set the graphics to minimum but i encounter this weird comportment.
My GPU is around 90% of use but when i lower settings to gain FPS it’s stay to the same consumption but with FPS gain (a little bit) so this isn’t the cause.
Streaming isn’t the problem. I’ve notice no differences between during streaming or not. (dedicated computer for streaming)

Drivers, OS, MSFS and Oculus are up-to-date, no modding, no modifications.

Anyone have encountered this strange comportment ? Any tips ?

Thanks for help and tips VR simmers. :wink:

Try this I swear by it… and yes it works with a Rift S TnT Quest 2 Settings - Sharp and SMOOOOTH! - #19 by Bertoo13371

Thanks for your answer.
I’ve tested what is indicated on the guide. I have set like indicated on the guide, i’ve notice a gain in FPS but before i had a better visual quality. OTT (and SS) didn’t make a big difference on my system.

But i keep the initial weird issue : If a loss FPS when i have the focus on MSFS, switching to another application remove the stuttering… So MSFS can run like he’s “optimised”.

Waiting for Sim Update V to see if the performance optimisation solve that.

Finally, the SU5 killed the performance and graphic quality so it’s worse than before… I will keep this thread alive until the update was patched to diagnose again the original incident.

I’m going back here for a feed back.

After many (many…) testes, the bug still here, the SU5 didn’t change anything.
It’s clearly a bug. Someone know where to open a ticket for the support or a place to send bugs encountered ?


For information, changing the “Processor Scheduling” to prioritize “Background services” work.
It the same as making an Alt-Tab but with keeping the focus on MSFS. The problem with that, it’s for the whole system and affect the performances of the others applications.

Definitively a bug : Where to send bug report for MSFS’s devs ?