Frequent Flyer Miles Achievement. Need some feedback

I am curious to those who have done the flight and got the achievement. What plane and settings were you using? I really don’t want to cheap it and do unlimited fuel, but it seems most planes might have too. Thank you for reading

The below is from a thread describing all achievements

Frequent Flyer Miles
Description : Fly from LFBD airport near Asobo Studios to KSEA airport near Microsoft HQ

Solution: This is a long flight, so make sure you plan ahead. Create a flight plan from LFBD in Bordeaux/France to KSEA in Seattle/USA. I recommend picking a Boeing 747 and fly IFR High Altitude Airways, as you want to cruise at a high altitude. Make sure you’re familiar with the autopilot before starting.

The total flight is around 9 hours, the achievement will unlock upon touchdown.

Known issues: Not an issue with the achievement itself, but because of the way fuel consumption works in MSFS, you will most likely run out of fuel before reaching your destination.

The achievement can be unlocked with the use of assistance so make sure you activate unlimited fuel, or use the refuel/repair hotkey.

It is not know weather landing midway for a refuel will break the achievement progress or not, the same goes for loading a save game, so I recommend doing the trip in one single session.

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Thank you so much for this! I really appreciate the quick response. I will try this on a day off.

No worries, good luck, I never got the time to try it out myself (wife doesn’t approve 9 hrs of flying :confused: )

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This archivment can be done with the Darkstar from the Top Gun DLC (free) in less then 1.5hours.

Just make sure you have keys bound for the afterburner and repair/refuel.
I would recommend disabling failures due to aircraft stress "(this plane dosnt like high G!) and enabling unlimited fuel and then go and fly the Top Gun challenge with the Darkstar first to get a feeling for that bird. :slight_smile:

For the flightplan:

  • set it to VFR as ATC would not clear yout to the needed FL anyway
  • use a nav (usr) point like 50miles straigth out of the ksae runway so you have time to establish a nice stable approach.
  • set the time to 17:00 so you can have a nice all daytime flight.

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