Fresh setup Every Time I Start the sim

Is anyone having issues where by every time you start the simulator you have to go through a setup as if it’s a fresh install? It runs flawlessly in VR etc but is frustrating having to setup all the options every time I start the sim.

Any assistance or thoughts appreciated.

Nope. not me… My Xbox account is fully online and synchronised with my settings. Perhaps you can have a check. Logout and log back in with your microsoft/xbox account and check to make sure you’re connected to your server.

Thanks Neo, I will certainly give that a go. It’s only started in the last couple of days and generally the sim works very well without issue.

This started for me yesterday as well. The only adddition I made to the sim was the flightmodel fix for all default planes from I got rid of the flightmodel mod and emptied the community folder with no change.

Even if I go through the setup and get into a flight, all of my UI Toolbar icons are missing, and it seems like real weather isn’t loading either. My custom controller profiles are selectable and useable.

I’m going to try to reinstall the “fs-base-ingamepanels” folders to see if that helps.

Please continue discussions in this thread: UI broken and reset user settings

Alas it is affecting quite a few people currently.

Closing this as a duplicate to keep all reports consolidated.

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