FSX HUD view

I miss this from FSX and x-plane, the view from the window full screen - much easier for landing and enjoying the scenery.


Exactly what i want too…
In Aerofly fs 2.0 there’s also a very great HUD only view that i use most when sightseeing…
MSFS should have this in a future update too…

Please add this! As per my reply in the other thread, it is needed when playing on smaller screens or low resolution

Yes! I miss that very much. It would be a great Help for Beginners

I agree. Especially when fast jets start to become available.

+2-3-4 Yes

I’d love a HUD only / forward looking view without the cockpit or external view.

In most sims with HUD only view you get more FPS than in cockpit view, and we can use some fps increase don’t we?

Totally agree and have made same points on another thread. Possible to merge threads?

Sorry don’t know how to link

Yeah, I kinda thought this would be about FSX style 2D cockpits. Specially for xboxers, they would make workflow easier.