Fun Thread - Log Book Hours?

Yes do a search this is an issue, turn it off restart sim. Started after the last patch.

Just 6 so far, hoping to get more stick time soon.

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I believe it. That or a flight that ended in CTD and didnt get logged.

133 hrs, and it gets better and better…


Steam shows 130 odd hours but in game log book shows 95 because I flew a bunch with the dev menu on and it didn’t log those flights.

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If you’re looking for short hops, I’ve got some flight plans for you

44 airports in 6 hours. Avg 8 minutes per flight. Next one has 54 airports. The UK has airfields littered all over the place. Take off and landing are the best parts next to sight seeing.

I’m making less stops now since I’m re-creating my flight plans after flying them (following my nose to the next nearest airport in the approximate direction I want to go) I write down each stop then add them later to make a map of how I went. However the game insists on inserting the next stop in a illogical manner instead of simply adding it at the end. Re-organizing 54 stops with a text editor was not fun.


I’m at 98 hours, 421 daytime take-offs, 18 nighttime takeoffs, 223 daytime landings, 7 nighttime landings…at least that’s what the sim has recorded. Sometimes it doesn’t register take-offs or landings. Especially if they are off-airport bush landings. Also, doesn’t register touch-and-goes at all. Or at least not for me.

I fly almost exclusively daytime VFR, and almost exclusively (the last couple of weeks at least) in the Cessna 152 and Aerobat.

117 for me. Mostly in the TBM, then the C172(G1000]

I already got the 100 hour badge, but the logbook says I’m at 98 hours.

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One of the things I miss most about real world flying is the feeling of it. Even little things like the runup. The sim can…ahem, simulate…the shaking, but it doesn’t come close to capturing the feel of it. The way the plane surges as you throttle up. Like sitting on a racehorse that just wants to gooooooo.

This is the first sim I’ve had (and I’ve flown literally ALL OF THEM, including the combat ones–have DCS and Il-2 Great Battles installed even as I type) that comes closest approximating that feel.

My biggest regret is not spending more time in the actual Cessna 152 (the FBO I flew from had an Aerobat). At the time, I was always looking down my nose at the little thing. Like it was the dorky kid brother to my beloved Skyhawk. Or like flying a beat up VW microbus.

But now I have absolutely fallen in love with the thing since rediscovering it in this sim. I fly it almost exclusively anymore. In fact, the hardest decisions I make in the sim are whether to fly the basic 152 or the Aerobat.

Imagine what it will be like when VR is implemented.

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I did all my training in the venerable C152…as one of my instructors used to say…an easy plane to fly…but a hard plane to fly well!
Umm… I guess it is best that we agree to disagree re “This is the first sim I’ve had (and I’ve flown literally ALL OF THEM, including the combat ones–have DCS and Il-2 Great Battles installed even as I type) that comes closest approximating that feel.”
As they say , each to ones own. I use A2A aircraft in my current sim, mainly because they do behave as close as possible to the real aircraft., and it keeps my motor skills in check.
I mainly fly PA-28’s IRL nowadays, with the odd flight in C182s or C172’s.
Am looking forward to A2A producing a PA-28 for MSFS, regretfully, however that doesn’t appear to be happening for a while. They do have a twin in development, so that will be a fantastic addition to the virtual hangar. In the meantime, I have a “flutter” with MSFS and am keeping a close eye on it to see how it develops.

Same problem 350 hours and in game 160h

If only the log book worked!!

LOL I think I’m only up about 10hrs in the last month on the log… at least 50 not logged.

51 hours shy to receive my CW…so close yet so far :checkered_flag:

188 hrs and counting

192 hrs… just landed at KSBP after a flight in the TBM from KOTH.

Beautiful day!


Hey SvenZ, have you considered using Little Navmap to create your flightplans?

The cool thing about it for you (creating a plan after following your nose) is that Little Navmap will connect with MSFS, track your actual flying route with a dotted line, so you can easily create a full plan from it. For example, you can set up an A-B direct plan and then insert waypoints by clicking on a route leg line and then use the mouse to click on a new waypoint insert. It’s much faster and quicker than the inbuilt MSFS planner.

It will then allow you to print a report, print a route map, export it as a MSFS plan, etc.

I’ve been using it alot for my Round the World tour. I plan just a few routes ahead and use some sites such as to see if there’s anything cool to visit next. It helps with choosing a direction to go next. Then I create the plan in Little Navmap, export it to a MSFS pln file and fly it.

It’s also possible to add remarks to the plans, so I describe the cool places and happenings during the flight, or reasons for the route flown, like a journal log.

No idea, it stopped working ages ago.