G1000 Com Freq Coarse Tuning

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G1000 (and NXi) com radio coarse tuning knobs only tune down, regardless of which way you turn them. This happens with or without the NXi mod installed.
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Start a flight in any G1000 equipped plane and initialize the MFD if not using the NXi addon
Try to increase the coarse frequency manually with the outer tuning knob on either panel, set to either Com1 or Com2. Regardless of which panel or which radio, both outer knobs only tune down. This happens with both clicking with the clockwise mouse icon and when turning the knob with the mouse wheel. Interaction mode is set to Legacy
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At least as far back as SU5
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(See second question)
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Request #126795

I’m also having this issue, also with and without NXi mod.

Of course, the kind people over at Zendesk have marked it as “Solved,” but that apparently means nothing anymore.

To be fixed in the next update as per RELEASE NOTES :partying_face:

-Fixed issue where G1000 outer COM knob would only increment the frequency no matter the direction it was turned

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