G1000 Performance Killer in VR!

Hi Guys!

The G1000 Is a massive FPS Killer! I can Fly Aircrafts without the G1000 almost Jitter free but when i fly Airacrafts with the G1000 in it its terrible! Its nonstop jittering when turning the Head! So far i cant find any fix for the Cockpit jitters.

Quest 2 (Link)
Nvidia 3060 ti
Ryzen 5 3600 @ 4,3 Ghz
32 Gb Ram

Im open for any Ideas!

try this and you will be surprised !

It is for a 2080 Ti but it is usable for cards of the 3000 series cards

You might want to cross check this:
How does Gauge Refresh Rate is causing more stutters if not set to HIGH

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