G2 jumpy display

Same here with the jittery tracking on the G2. Problem is, this doesn’t happen in cliff house, steam house, nor Google Earth VR…so it’s not the headset, it’s MSFS.

Might be the relation between controllers and headset. I assume you use the controllers in the other apps. Do you have them on and sitting somewhere in sight while in FS?

Just currious because I don’t have this issue.

Actually I thought the same thing…tried MSFS with the controllers on and in sight of the cameras…same jitter.

Also tried Google Earth VR, with them off, and it was still smooth while looking around.

Also, what I don’t get, is that the goggles window looks so smooth, but in the headset, it’s stuttery. If I could only get the displayed goggles window to go to the headset, seems like it would be great.

I try and keep bright lights away from my forward vision and as I’m sat infront of my PC I make the MSFS window as small as I can so there’s less movement. Shame we even have these issues but there you go.

Does the stutters change when you drastically reduce render scaling and graphic settings? Or is it all the time?

That’s because you’re getting 90fps in the clif house AND every one of those 90 frames knows where your head is at that time.

If you drop frames then it will stutter, if you add reprojection it’s guessing where your head is so it will stutter. I’ve got it pretty smooth now but that’s because I’ve overclocked everything :slight_smile: with reprojection and to try and render 45fps in VR which is keeping everything smooth in my G2.

Yeah, I’m coming around to that bottom line too…dial it all back till you can get 45 rendered, then only x1 repro.

Running a 10900k at 5.0 and a mild factory OC’d 3090. Cannot get visuals, readable displays, and smooth all at the same time.

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In steam VR, Google Earth, looking at frame time display, 100% res, frame times are about 5 ms, or 200 FPS even with all those 3D buildings and trees textured polygons over a full 3D area…so I know the card can render like crazy.

Hard to believe the flight computations part drops that by a factor >4x. I guess I’ll have to wait for CPUs with single core speeds of 15 GHz for it to look good…hope I live that long.

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Yeah, unfortunately, with the same config, to have it smooth, I run the OXR at 65 and 100% render scale in game… Waiting for optimization. It’s ok, but it could be better


I have a 9900K @ 4.7Ghz locked all cores and 2080Ti (OC +150Mhz core, +500Mhz RAM) :slight_smile: OXR 65% runtime preview enabled, repro on always and in MSFS render scaling on 70% buildings and terrain on 100% rest on medium/enabled, all traffic / ai off.

Yes the reprojection has artifacts and yes clarity isn’t perfect but it’s 45fps (therefore a solid 90fps in the headset) pretty much everywhere in any weather. Even if I change OXR to 70% I notice it as I’m super sensitive to stutter so this is perfect for me, it really does feel like the cliff house so that absolutely is possible and the headset doesn’t jump around at all - the tracking is very smooth and accurate.

With a 3090 I would have thought you could have had my settings, keep OXR at 65% and as @AIRBORNE4795 has said put the MSFS TAA render scaling to 100% that should be perfect, plus a few graphical settings on high as well like textures and clouds.

I think the point is it’s a balance even on a 3090 but if you are careful not to stretch things too much you can have a blinding experience in VR and for me this is a joy to put on the headset.

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Don’t you just need 30 FPS (not 45 FPS) to reproject to 90 FPS?

I like is at 45fps. It just seems smoother because there are less reprojected frames and there is a lot more leeway for handling more scenery / weather / plane types. It just allows me to fly without thinking about settings.

I had jittery head movements in the G2 and I solved it by turning off the Windows Mixed Reality Portal screen preview - just press the “Pause” button at the bottom of the WMR Portal window so that it stops reprojecting the image from the headset.


Thanks for all the suggestions guys, unfortunately nothing has completely worked. The jerkiness has somewhat diminished all on it’s own the past day or two, and I tried covering up ALL the external cameras with post-its, and it sort of worked. Sort of meaning it made the jumpiness go away, but I didn’t have full DOF control, insofar as I couldn’t lean forward to see around my copilot.

Someone made an observation that this happens in FS2020, but not in say the cliff house, and that’s true, so it’s at least peripherally an FS issue. But I guess I’m just going to have to live with it until someone at Asobo, Nvidia, or HP comes up with some kind of software fix. I just hope it stays chill like it has for the past day or three.

Thanks for everyone’s help! If anyone has additional suggestions or questions, fire away!

…yes good point, find that monitor on issue as well.

@CptLucky8, by now I’m used to you saying stuff that I don’t understand, but you even have bing beat with this one. Seems like it’s completely unfamiliar with the term.

At any rate, after having given this some more thought, I want to sort of try your overall suggestion again.

What I mean by sort of is that I’m not going out and buying any external tracking boxes, if I wanted to spend that kind of cash I would’ve just bought an Index in the first place. But the turn the monitor off suggestion just makes sense, which of course means it probably won’t help, but I’m willing to give it one more chance, subject to the following:

Since when I do that, the image just reappears on my secondary display, albeit a smaller one more out of sight to my headset (but not completely out of sight, just quite a bit farther to my left, and smaller), my curiosity revolves around whether or not turning both off might actually help. And of course, there’s the subject of just hiding it, or turning it off (virtually), without the possibility of losing mouse control.

So before I do anything, your thoughts?

I appreciate the vote of confidence! “Chirurgical Precision” as “very very precise like a surgeon”

The “monitor off” idea is not new with WMR and inside-out tracking because of the cameras looking at the surrounding. If this “surrounding” is moving by itself because it is the image seen on a monitor, it can cause troubles. It is possible the G2 and latest WMR versions are more robust against this though. I’ve tried it out as well with my G2 for the same reasons as yours and it didn’t make much difference in the end to me, but if you’re using a large screen and it is very bright (for the cameras) it is possible it is affecting tracking to some extent.

The only way I’ve found to reducing the G2 tracking jerkiness is reducing settings and/or resolution so that FS2020 is rendering at a higher fps but it is not eliminating it entirely, or to not use the G2 but a solid tracking system which is the Index and the outside-in tracking via the LightHouse :slight_smile:

PS: Given it seems to be happening only with FS2020 I’m wondering whether it is not the same problem as with the camera: FS2020 is breaking the VR golden rule: don’t move the camera, the user is

In other words, FS2020 is trying to "project’ where the camera will be and the accuracy of this projection depends solely on the frame rate and the frame time stamp (clock precision). This is not supposed to be done by the application though because OpenXR API is telling it about these things automatically. I know it is surprising such a basic VR mistake because Jorg is telling us they are doing VR/AR for a long time and they continue to do so, so we must believe him saying so and this can only be a bug.

But in fact the bug might just be in WMR OpenXR. I didn’t pay attention nor tried using SteamVR OpenXR with the G2 to see whether there is the same level of jerkiness, but this might indeed tell whether the problem lies in the WMR OpenXR code or the FS2020 code.

@CptLucky8, the only thing that surprises me about VR is when you say something that I actually understand lol…

OK, I’ll try turning off both of my monitors to see if it helps even marginally (though I have my doubts), and I’ll go from there. Thanks. (Again lol!!)


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