G36 Improvement Project

Strange, this mixture works as intended in all aircraft for me so far.

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I’ve seen the same issue with the SR22, the G36 and the G58 so far. You can move the lever but nothing changes until you reach cutoff, you can run the mixture at 1% and 100% and the engines runs exactly the same way. I don’t have auto-mixture on and other aircraft like the Cessnas have working fuel leaning

Mixture in the G36 works fine for me. You can even hear the rpm going down while reducing mix below optimal lean.

Definitely not on or off.

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■■■■, well that’s reassuring although frustrating if it’s on my end

There ARE some issues with the mixture, its not your imagination or an issue on your side.
100% is a “lean” state and I have seen both planes struggle to Idle when at 100%. Pulling back below 100 does lean the plane but very very little vs what you would expect.

I submitted a Bug report on this for both planes already.

Can you test at cruise; check fuel consumption (gal/h) gauge?
For what its worth, I just tested the G36 at cruise, leaning out the mix:

  • RPM goes up
  • Fuel consumption down
  • CHT goes up
  • I guess there is no EGT gauge; so for now I can do this only old school with CHT

FYI, there is a handy key bind, set optimum mixture

CHT Moves? I’ve never seen that budge, same with Oil Temp. Cold and Dark vs 2 hour flight they are smack-dab in the green always.

EDIT: Also My Fuel Flow gauge also does not move, ever. Its in the middle 100% of the time. Cold and dark, fire up the battery / displays, and its sowing fuel flow. ALSO submitted a bug for this. Both the Bonza and Baron do this.

I just tested with the modded G36 and it seems to work, my bad. G58 and SR22 definitely have no mixture control whatsoever though

I am not convinced my modded files are loading. I can’t really feel a difference between the default G36 and modified version. Going to test with backing up the defaults and overwriting with the modified files.

I guess it could be. I have the saitek pro flight rudder pedals with the breaks tied to the axis. Parking brake will stop the plane (all of them) hard and fast. Toe breaks @ full hardly result in any stopping power. The 152 can power through them @1500 RPM no problem.

I’ve checked the axis and I am getting “full defection” per the sensitivity chart, and they are calibrated in windows.

My FF gauge moves, not sure it’s quite correct though, bringing the mixture back increases the FF and then bringing it back further reduces it, which is what I would expect from EGT not FF.


I am having some other strange issues, Might need to do a repair on the install and see what happens.

I’m using MFG Crosswinds and when I apply full toe brakes this thing stops in a very short distance.

Repaired my install (BTW this is a FULL RE-INSTALL), G1000 gauges respond now.

I tried out the mod this evening and it works great! It actually handles like a real airplane now. Thank You… much appreciated!

Agree, it flies much better. After re-installing I can notice a HUGE difference after loading the modified files.

Thank you!


  • RPM goes up


The G36 has a constant speed prop. As such, the RPM doesn’t change with leaning. CHTs will rise as the mixture is leaned on the rich side of peak EGT and then fall lean-of-peak. Same with the SR22 that I fly IRL, which we operate mainly lean-of-peak for engine longevity.

Rather than feel 15-20% underpowered in the stock file, the Bonanza now feels maybe 2% overpowered (a little more power in the climb than the g36 i fly), or maybe just out of annual.

24" 2400rpm @6500ft 30.03 +2C and 171 KTAS
I’d usually see just shy of 170kts than over, but that is in ISA+20 and I have air conditioning and that costs a few knots.

Excellent work!!


That’s very nice to hear. I’m not a pilot so I just have to read POH’s to tune performance. Glad to hear that the performance somewhat reflects reality now. If there’s more you find / things that need tweaking please let me know! Feedback from (G36) pilots is invaluable…


I have to do some more testing, I’m playing with FSEconomy right now and its forcing me into the DA62 (I haven’t had this much fun in a sim in 10 years).

I will set up a real world test this afternoon here in south texas but my initial impression was of a light airplane that performed better than real world by a little bit (but WAY closer to real than the dog in the stock sim). I will set up a flight shortly that has my usual load, and I’ll fly it using my normal profile and see how the numbers compare. The fuel/air mixture system in the sim in general is pretty bugged, so I am pretty much ignoring that.