Game will not launch

I updated to the latest patch last week and did a flight without a problem. When I tried to launch the game today, it will not launch. It is stuck at the screen that has a mountain and a circle at the bottom right which looks like it is trying to load. I had it there for an hour but just sits there. I’ve tried multiple times now. I don’t want to have to reinstall this game. What can I do to fix this?

Have you cleared your community folder? Patches seem to upset the add-ons on a regular basis, so you can’t assume they’re ok.

Community folder cleared but no change! Doesn’t move past this screen.
MFFS 2020.PNG|690x383

Make sure your drivers are up to date and community folder is empty. Would also search the “Bugs and Issues” category if that doesn’t solve it.

Here are the Known Issues: - Known Issues - (Last modified: 11/10/2020)