Getting lots of CTD? Rollback Nvidia Drivers

I just started using MSFS yesterday after a few weeks away from the sim. I immediately had odd crashes that seemed video driver related. I was getting lots of frequent CTD, sometimes even in the menus… screen would freezes and then a few seconds later the CTD. Could be anywhere from the main menu to 2 minutes into a flight.

Fixed by rolling back Nvidia drivers to Dec 2 (457.51). I’m running a 3090.

Now no CTD after several hours.

Issues with 460.78 .89 … in special to the 3090 ( 30xx ? ) are already reported in the forum. Nvidia have here flagships not under control :wink:

On other side there are also reports related to pre-overcloacked ( manufactor ) 3090 cards and crashs.

All affected users rollback here drivers and it worked fine. So no issue of MSFS,… Nvidia have to made here homework :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Bumping this for visibility.

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Having a 2080s here and had the exact same issue. Reverting back to 457.51 did the trick. Many thanks for reporting this here and over at Avsim! Now I can enjoy the sim again. Hopefully others will see this as well, as too often we “blame” (or believe) the issue to be with a mod/addon or the core sim - while clearly other elements also play a role.

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Thanks for posting this because out of nowhere many CTDs. Will rollback to previous version, I have RTX 2080 Super

rollback worked for me!

Here is the mentioned thread which you / others should track instead:

As say’d… This it NOT a MSFS issue and thus wrong placed here :slight_smile:

( Independend that the other one was also not correct placed . We just not need xxxx time the same topic )

Hi, same here. I change today in the morning my Nvidia driver through an older version. And today I fly from EDDK to LSZH without any CTD. May be it is the problem?? Tomorrow I tested this thing with another Flight.


It most certainly is a MSFS problem. None of my other games have an issue with the latest Nvidia drivers. As they say, It takes two to Tango. There is some issue with the latest MSFS update and the latest drivers. Unfortunately we can’t roll back MSFS.

Another player has discovered that disabling the rolling cache helps.

yes… the cache cause often trouble and removal helps… ( often mentioned in forum ).
And we also recommend sometime to disable it.

But thought that your issue , related to the 3090, was fixed with installing the former nvidia driver ?

Same here on a 1660s. Seemed to help. Did LOWW to EKCH today without any issue. Before it CTD‘ed either right after departure at LOWW or on short final into EKCH. The cache is deactivated anyway since weeks. Lately I disabled multiplayer and real air traffic to rule out the culprit but next will be to activate them again

Yes but if you follow that other thread I linked, one fellow solved his CTDs with either rolling back Nvidia’s drivers OR disabling the rolling cache. So they may be related.

Although it seems there are also those (@LH4371) who have the cache disabled and still have to roll back drivers to get a CTD free experience.

I think this are two kind of issues :slight_smile:

Users of a 3090 needs a fix from nvidia and there is an in-game issue with the cache ( similar that for some usere the network-relevant game settings make trouble ).
This is what it makes sometime so hard to find solution that users never run into CTD: are are somtime more as one causes :slight_smile:

PS.: and not forget that these user within the linked thread have a mod installed, which is again a setting which makes it hard to compare it wiht the standard msfs installation and find issues.

Yep. Seemingly helped to roll back to older Nvidia driver. Was able to finish the flight LOWW to EKCH for the first time without either CTD at LOWW or EKCH. Hopefully that remains like that and is not just one of those msfs mysteries. I was even able to do the flight with multiplayer and live traffic enabled

I had the same issue after upgrading to 3080. Reinstalled the driver 457.xx. No more CTDs!

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Unfortunately still had a CTD after reverting to 457.51 :tired_face:

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