GOTY update

Has someone tried it yet? Please provide your thoughts and opinions about the performance. I’m anxiously still downloading :slight_smile: I’m excited about the vr controller support. Happy simming to everyone

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DX12 - Stutters on fast moves within the cockpit. Otherwise performance drastically improved for me while having much lower temperatures on the GPU. Didn’t do much testing yet on DX11, but reverting to it now given the stutters.


Ive just started testing it as of now. The strange thing is that I dont see the DX12 option under VR. Maybe its not available for VR yet?

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33 Gb !

same problem, brother. It went pretty fast up to 15gb, now i’m dragging along :frowning: Might take a while lol :slight_smile: Good luck

It might be placebo only, but I feel the sim has less jagged edges now on buildings etc (when its in dx12 mode). I have basically no jaggies at all now when flying in NY with Pimax 8KX. Haven’t changed any settings at all.

Anyone can confirm?

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is dx12 available in VR? I read on another post that no options for DX12 beta

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