Gpu usage in VR

Picked up a valve index last Friday. Just getting my VR legs in and have been trying to play this game in VR.

My gpu usage is at 30% and cpu is around 15%. My reprojection is horrible at 90% and I’m struggling to get 30fps.
I’ve tried hardware acceleration in windows settings on and off, same with game mode.
Played with a ton of settings in steam VR and in MFS2020.
Have set task manager high priority for MFS and SteamVR.

I’m on a watercooled 3080ti and 5900x. Temps are not an issue nor is any of my hardware in my computer.
I’ve been reading throughout reddit and this forum page and can’t seem to find a ■■■■■■■ answer. It really disappoints me because VR is truly an amazing thing and MFS2020 is the main reason I coughed up a grand for the valve index kit.


After 1 year, as a casual user, I still cannot understand what are the optimal settings for my system. There are too many options and they are too technical for the average user.

Are you using “Optimal Performance” as power setting in the NCP? There’s also this thread, which will help you getting rid of the low usage of your 3080.

I’m on a 3090 now, and it’s running at 98, 99% all the time.

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I have it set to high performance in NCP

I was just going to copy a link across but it’s in the above post, use the thread in the post above and it takes you to another link which is a specifc how to for valve and steam vr I would try working through that first

Exactly this. a lot of us fiddle with stuff we don’t understand and miraculously hit either the right mix or we just took a massive placebo dose and we dare not touch anything. Until the next flight which doesn’t appear to be as good as yesterday. Until the next update that changes everything. Still mind you it’s very enjoyable :sunglasses:
I for one am waiting for the next guide from @CptLucky8, until then I’ve made my peace with my current settings an drying not to obsess with the fine tuning but rather to enjoy the experience.


I got it running at 60fps with around 20% reprojection. Gpu usage is still only 85% but it’s up from 30%.
I was reading about how certain aircraft with digital GPS and systems will mess with gpu usage.
Well I changed to a Cessna 152 and the piper and my frame rate trippled