Graphical bug DX12 - SU10 (v1 beta SU10)

Hello. I tested the new Nvidia Studio 517.40 driver. DX12 runs fine, but with the latest GameReady it doesn’t. However, with DX12 I get bugs again like in SU10 beta version 1. I thought this was going to be fixed? Nvidia said the new version of the Studio driver brings the same performance as the next GameReady version which will be available next week…

This does not happen everywhere. I am here at LA PALMA in Spain (GCLA).

it is still marked as “DX12 (BETA)” , or ? :wink:

Those look like terrain spikes which happens under any driver version or DX selection. It’s usually a sign of bad topographical elevation data or in the case of buildings, invalid Open Street Map information. The way to validate this is to have someone else fly over that section and see what you can see - preferably a mix of DX11 and DX12. If you can give the coordinates, I can try it since I’m on DX12 as well. Or if you have a moving map like Little Nav Map, please show the map display where you plane is and mark up the picture with where you’re seeing the spikes.

ah… he mean the spikes :flushed:

Was’nt GCLA also included within the Bijan issues ?

May be tomorrow I will have a look at these area…

@Mikebuch87 have you Bijan Mod installed ?

Departure Runway 36 and Right in front :face_exhaling:

those are just terrain spikes

Not DX12 related. Used the drone to take the shot and I traveled up and down and closer and farther to make sure it wasn’t an LOD defect. You might have something in your Community folder that’s causing this because you and I are on the same version of the sim and feeding from the same Bing Maps data.

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I agree with the others, what you posted looks more like a terrain elevation error. The graphical artifacts on during the SU10 beta were far more dramatic, and looked like the giant trees from Avatar all over the place.

I tried again and this time no bug… Strange :slight_smile: Thank you for your answer have a nice evening :slight_smile: