Guimbal Cabri G2 noses upwards at high end speed?

I have a problem getting to top end speed in the Guimbal Cabri G2. She wants to nose up severely at 80+ knots. According to her ASI, she is good for about 120 knots and then hits her speed redline.

So how do you get to 100 or 120 knots cruise speed? Can she only do 80 knots on average? Can these be nose trimmed so that they are not nosing upwards so harshly at high end speeds? I have never seen of this before in the years past in other simulators and wondering if this is;

A. A real world issue with helo’s nosing up at high speeds?

B. How do you counter this nose up issue?

I did try elevator trim and that made no difference. I am not aware of, or well versed in helo dynamics. I do have a lot of sim time in them, and this was the first time for me to come across this type of behavioir.

Many thanks for your input…

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Hi Bill,

Today I was trying to cover as much ground as quickly as possible in the G2 at 1500 MSL.

(I have my joystick throttle lever mapped to the collective, and two buttons mapped to increase and decrease throttle.)

My approach today was to take off letting the governor handle the throttle, and pitch fwd maintaining level flight. This got me going about 80 knots and the governor seemed to be keeping the throttle around 80 to 84%, but I wanted everything she could give me. I pressed my increase throttle button a couple times and watched the throttle needle rise, along with pushing the cyclic almost all the way forward to keep level flight.

The throttle indicator went up around 96% into the yellow area. After a few minutes I noticed the yellow area moved down and the throttle was now in red, so I decreased the throttle to just below the yellow which was 87%. I had to pitch over even more because my altitude had drifted up during all this. My airspeed went over 110 while I was losing the 400 ft of unwanted altitude and whe I leveled out I was at 100-103kts or the about. I kept flying adjusting to keep the throttle at 87% , altitude level, and airspeed at or slightly over 100kts.

Make sure when you want to slow down you don’t over-Rev and you should be fine.

Let me know how you make out, and if you want to go flying together some morning at 1300z (9am EDT) or so, dm me on discord LongEzDreamer#6022.

Further investigation seems to say that 100 or 104 kt “cruise” may not be sustainable.

Max cruise speed @ 100 % 100 kt*
Cruise speed @ 85 % 90 kt*

100% is in red, and 87-88% seems to be the bottom of the yellow. Yesterday, when it seemed I could not get over 80kts level cruise, I lowered the fuel on board to 25% and the cruise speed at 87% was at or above the 90 kts shown in the Guimbal Cabri G2 “spec”

I’m going to investigate further today.


  • Sustainable 85% level cruise yields 90-93 Kts with 25% fuel, cyclic full forward.

  • Increasing collective causes increase in altitude because further forward cyclic not available

  • Turning governor off did not appear to uncouple throttle - manual throttle adjustments up were smoothly backed out by the governor, but may have allowed collective to command 100% power
    (Not sure if the 100% was with “governor off” light off or on)

  • Adjusting “Additional Elevator Authority” had no effect on cyclic “authority”