Hanging during startup

Dear Sevenflyer,

I changed from a french keyboard to a german keyboard, and changed the default keyboard language. When I changed that back, the MSFS was starting up.

Thanks for your tips which started me thinking what I really changed lately

PS: the Logitech G Hub mentioned in the support document is no more a problem (the document is from august 2020), but that gave me the right idea. Now I have to find a way to use the german keyboard and the MSFS installed with a french one…

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Good luck, keep in touch.
Let us know how you make out!

I had exactly the same issue on 4th Feb - try updating your windows and OS drivers. Worked for me…

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I had the issue where I was getting the spinning wheel on the monument valley screen yesterday/today. After much hunting around I found some windows security updates that hadn’t been applied.

I downloaded and installed them then restarted my machine and FS started up and loaded first time.

So it might be worth checking if you have any updates pending via Windows > Settings > Update and Security

This game has a long start up process, I cross my fingers everytime I click the Icon. It has stalled again, this time before the update screen. I really dont want to reinstall it again. It takes over 5 hrs! It did run after the 3rd reinstall , I had to reinstall the planes again. I dont what to do, this sim will sit ideal for awhile because I have combat sims to play.

There is a Bing Data issue which could be your cause.
See this link:

I have a big problem and I hope someone can help me with it. If I insert Sceneries, landmarks and cities from flightsim.to (about 30 sceneries, one country) into my community folder for installing them and start MSFS2020 it takes long time (30 minutes or so) till the simulator is loaded! My simulator is running on an SSD, the sceneries are located on a SSD. Is this normal behavior and do I need to start the simulator one day before I want to fly, if I will add a second or third country ?

Yes that is a “restriction” with MSFS.
The more data in your communtiy folder, the longer it takes to load.
MSFS scans that data and uses it in place of the default.
So if there is a lot there. then it does indeed take a while.

I use symbolic links and keep most of my addons in another location.
The addons in my community folder are things I use every flight, like tree mods, the icon remover, etc.
I place a link for the aircraft livery I want to use as well as a symbolic link for each scenery I want to use in that session, in the communtiy folder.
There are content managers available that will do likewise.

I do not copy the scenery files directly into the community folder I am using “junctions”, but it take very much time to get it loaded ? do you think if I do a symbolic link it will run faster? I did the same in XP11 and it has been take longer time at the first load, but after this the startup has been much faster

That means I install the planes only and leave the airports Alone! I am just too tired to reinstall. Thanks for your help.

Only put into your Community Folder the juctions that you need to use for each session.
Do not put juctions for all your addons in there.
I theory, I believe a junction should be a bit faster then a symbolic link, but the link is a bit more flexible as to what you can do with it.

“Only put into your Community Folder the juctions that you need to use for each session.
Do not put juctions for all your addons in there.”

thats possible but makes the simulation abolutly inflexible …

one country is not all my addons, you may believe me :slight_smile:

For sure, I have a lot as well!!!
If you are flying from A to B, just add anything you may want for that particular flight.
So, for example, if you have Japan addons, don’t have a junction in the Community folder for them if you are doing a flight in Europe.

sure but as I did write if I add junction for whole germany for instance it take me 30-45 minutes to load the program till I am able to choose the plane. sometimes I like to do VFR trips. and how do you handle bought sims, they get encrypted so it is hard to move them

How big is that German scenery?
It would have to be extremely big to cause that kind of delay.
Do you have any Data Limits on?
I can get on in about 5-10 minutes or so.

the whole Germany stuff I have is 74GB + bought installed airport of aerosoft and orbx, it all contains airports, landmarks, aerial imagery.

OK, yes, that would indeed fit my description of extremely big.

I believe I read a section not too long ago in the Support section on how to move those “encrypted” files.

my thoughts were, the areal imagery could be a problem!? you know what I mean, all the landmarks what are taken from google …

Yes aerial imagery is the biggest load, for sure, but it does make a big difference in the look.
It would be worth a try though.

the restriction is starting to take off some fun to fly around

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