Have to redo control bindings with every flight

this is really annoying that i have completely redo my control bindings EVERTIME a change aircraft . Why cant we have saveable profiles like Xplane

Hi @coxo2436,
Are you having to do this because the bindings are getting wiped out? Or a feature suggestion of having different bindings for each aircraft?

There is a wishlist for this feature:
Ability to have separate control setups for each plane without having to manually switch between 20+ controller profiles? - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

If this is a bug, where bindings are getting wiped out, please also submit that to zendesk.

no they are getting wiped out i spend 20 min to 1/2 hour setting up my bindings for lets say the spitfire mark IV ,save them, then make another setting for say the HC135 chopper (another 20 min setup time) then when i go to load the spitfire all those setting have been wipped

this is so enfuriating ,i spend more time with fiddling with this sort of thing than actually enjoying the sim. I need to know why they are being wiped and is there a fix

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Is your MSFS bought from Steam or MS Store?

The bindings should not be wiped out. I’m wondering if there is some type of syncing issue with the cloud. Steam does this differently than the MS Store version and the location of these files on your PC is different between versions.

See this topic about location of the folder where these settings are stored (MS Store & Steam):