Heading Increment Bug (10 degree instead of 1) Explained

You know, the acceleration is there, already. Hence this thread. Your increments will automatically change to a larger number if you keep turning the knob. :grin: Unless you need it to be instantly there, there is no need for a shift key.

Yeah but it’s inconsistent with the accelerated rate
But forcing a button in hold will make it jump up in consistent amounts

“Upgraded” to the Airbus Thrustmaster, and ran into this issue yesterday for the first time.

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I got my tca throttle quadrant today and have the same issue with the FBW Costum aircraft. Headings increment is 10 degrees instead of 1…

Please finaly fix this. Or tell us why it seems such a difficult task.

Thank you!

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I doubt this will be fixed anytime soon but I sure hope they do

There’s a few solutions around; here’s my vJoy + Joystick Gremlin solution using free software.
It gives you heaps of flexibility & completely bypasses the acceleration bug that any controller will have that has “always on” switches like the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and Bravo Throttle Quadrant

Thank you for that workaround.

I unbind the critic switches and move the most important to my CH throttle’s switches so I can play comfortable.

Regardless, I find it hard to understand why Asobo, a company with more than 100 employees, their pockets ful of cash and microsoft as its backbone, has such difficulty fixing the little things. The same applies to honeycomb. They all sound loud with their flowery marketing and their shiny websites, want to be the big players and market leaders but fail because of the simplest things. Lousy times indeed.
And we’re not start talking yet about NVIDIA or AMD and their chunk promises.

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Probably but look at the bright side: if you have an idea for the simulator and you do have enough followers, they’ll do something about it. The issue is not Asobo not doing what you’d like, rather, it is the voting system and gathering enough same-minded followers…

Then it will be a long long ride.
And looking for the bright side is my reason to be here :blush:

same… new tca quadrant and can’t use it w/o headache. The solution is to delete 3-4-5-6 on quadrant, that fixed my issue. Dunno if all four needed, but now just wanna fly, will check later

Maybe there is a way to bind the critical switches outside of the flight sim with an external program. So that the switch can be translated into a key toggle command. I will see if I can find something to get this work.


To save you a little time and effort, READ THE POSTS IN THIS THREAD!!


Sorry if you want to help you can just forward the specific post that can help instead of mentioning to read all 150 comments in this thread.

I am helping. You just don’t realize it. The problem, the solution, and the workarounds are not simple. This thread has all the answers you’re looking for, or links to the threads that do. That includes references and links to external tools to help you solve it.

This thread has 122 posts and was started back in September. It’s just going to take a little work on your part to read and absorb the answers.


It still are work-arounds. A decent solution by either Asobo or Honeycomb would be better. Maybe some answers in the Q&A next week…

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Agreed. All simulators seem to have the same states for an issue, and this one is no different. As users of the sim, we are going to constantly have a state where there is no official fix yet, and all we can do is either wait or use work-arounds.

The reason we almost have to use work-arounds in this case is because only part of the problem is an Asobo bug. Even when they fix that bug, it will not fix the problem of peripherals spamming the sim with repeated inputs. That is the fault of the hardware vendor – who has provided drivers and templates which can stop the spamming.


Careful with that one. This issue is not unique to Honeycomb. I had the issue with the TCA Sidestick and a super old Saitek X52 with momentary push buttons, not switches. If the software didn’t accelerate the input of the button press, then I believe the problem wouldn’t exist in that scenario.

I also believe the OP listed a challenge in the coding that makes a blanket selection of a variable even if one input is received.

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I’m curious what’s making this so difficult for Asobo to fix? It’s the one thing that’s been bugging me greatly as I can’t use the hardware as it is intended.

I made a custom control box with Leo Bodnar’s input board and I have switches and buttons and also encoder knobs to change HDG, SPD, ALT etc and it works WONDERFULLY. Like perfectly… except when I have a button that’s always in “ON” State. Then it works by x10 which is useless to me.

This one bug is reason I can’t use half my hardware. It sucks.

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Hi there,

I understand that completely. I was also very unhappy about this. I then setup VJoy and Joystick Gremlin. It‘s a bit work but then works as it should. You could save a lot of time by copying the „Press-Pause-Release“-Macro-Section in the xml file directly from 1 button to all others.

Finally I figured out that also 1 knob on my CH Yoke produces this issue. I removed this assignment as well and then the issue was fixed. Now also trimming the aircraft for level flight is much easier.

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IT’S FIXED. They mentioned it in the actual Dev Q&A.
Seems it comes with the next update… :slight_smile: