Hello guys I really need help to connect my Oculus Quest 2 to MSFS

Hello Guys! I need help
I’m a new VR user (Oculus Quest 2) and I can’t not link my headset to this openxr, I’ve been trying this more than 3days but still nothing. when I open the application openxr that I downloaded, there is a message saying there is no headset available or maybe I must configure my XR platform. I checked all platforms and YouTube videos nothing explain how resolve this problem. finally I don’t know where or what to do :disappointed:.
The second problem is when I go to the registry to change the value and put the one recommanded “64_json”. Next time I restart the registry to verify, the first value I already changed thousands times appeared again​:man_facepalming::weary:. it seems like it not saving or I don’t know…
My first time in VR is catastrophic, I will be grateful to all who help :pray: thanks

@Alwayne24 A warm welcome to the forums.

I hope you will be able to get some meaningful help for your issue. It would be helpful if you could confirm which headset you are trying to connect. This makes a massive difference in diagnosing the problem. Each type of headset has a different required setting in the registry and some don’t require any additional MS store downloads to function.

Oculus Quest 2

Great…I have adjusted the topic title to reflect more accurately the help you require.

As a first place to start, is this thread of any use: Shazam! Got VR to work with Oculus Quest 2 ?

thanks you
what do you mean, Shazam ? It can run the oculus I don’t understand?
I’m French too bro, my English is not good (double problem)

Shazam, en gros ca veux dire : Voila!

C est juste une expression.

I don’t use the term ‘Shazam’. The thread title I linked uses that term.

I hope the instructions on what to do in that thread are helpful. I use an Oculus Rift headset and for me the procedure is more or less the same. Check registry entry and then do everything else in the oculus app. I do not use any openxr programs that I downloaded nor do I use any windows mixed reality programs.

There are a few settings in the oculus app that need to be checked. Turning on ‘beta’ in oculus is a very good idea as is the setting that allows occulus to use “unknown sources” under settings>general.

I hope you get it working.

First what method do you want to use? Cabled via Oculus LINK software or wireless via SteamVR and Virtual Desktop?

This will determine then how you need to setup.

Have you taken a look at the many posted topics on others experiences with setting up the Quest 2?

I am using it fine with MSFS2020.

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Good morning
yes I’m using a cable link, not virtual desktop. I’ve also run this beta on the oculus app “developper” and enabled the setting “unknown sources” …
when I open MFS, at the option général and switch to VR mode (down), I don’t have all these shortcut people have on YouTube (Cntrl + tab, VR, …), boxes are empty.

After switching VR, appears “re-center your view”
from there I can not do anything, even to get back to my MSF options until I close it with “Alt +f4”. may be I must set these shortcut my self to enable or disable VR mode??? this headset is making me very angry :angry:

You have to set these shorcuts indeed.

I don’t think the headset is at fault here.

Start with the basic stuff:

please can you just tell me where I can go and set these shortcut (alt + tab, …) ??? the swith buttons.
without that it seems like I’m wasting my time


thank you so much I’ll try right now if it works with steam Vr

In the controls settings, search for VR.

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