Help with incorrect high altitude altimeter setting

Hi just wondering if someone could help me out, new to using flight simulator. I’m on the xbox. Loving this sim and learning as I go along. I was flying the 787 out of Chicago O’hare and ATC have told me to climb to 23000 feet, so I set my altimeter to 23000 feet, however I got this message and I’m totally confused about what I’m supposed to do it says “incorrect high altitude altimeter setting” its happened a few times now but as I improve learning what each knob and dial does I want to set this right. Any advice?

Hi @QuietLawyer4339 ,

your barometer setting will influence the altitude shown (it’s based on air pressure). After going to the ‘flight levels’ (18000ft in the US), you need to go to ‘standard barometer’, which is 29.92.

You can set a binding to do this automatically; go into your controller settings, and search for ‘set altimeter’, and set a button or button combination to that;


Altimeters work by measuring air pressure which is inversely proportional with altitude, but as you probably know, it also varies with the weather. Therefore, to get the correct altitude in relation to the terrain, the altimeter must be calibrated as the atmospheric pressure changes with weather.

However, when you’re high up in the air, it becomes more important that all aircraft use the same altimeter setting so they can be separated vertically. In the USA, and in the sim, this means that when you get above 18,000 feet, you must reset the altimeter to its standard setting, which is 29.92 inches of mercury.

It varies with each plane how you do that, but with a standard keyboard you can just press ‘b’.


Thanks for the help thats great

There seems to be an issue with the altitude settings in the 787 (I havent checked other aircraft yet since the last update) and what air traffic are seeing. I have done a couple of flights since the update, cruising altitude FL 400, barometer pressure correct at 2992 or 1013, however ATC are constantly telling me to get to correct altitide of FL400, when i am already at it.

I have tinkered around and found the other day that there can be a 300ft difference +/- although on a flight right now i have been told that i am 700ft below FL400, when all my instruments and barometric pressure are telling me I am golden.

This is a bug since the most recent update.


Altitude and pressure are bugged in this update. It was not fixed in latest patch unfortunately.


This bug is so frustrating. All I’ve had for 4 hours is this constantly!!


I’m over 45,000 miles and almost 50 legs into a flight around the world in the Cessna Citation. I waited until things were working well as far as limited bugs to begin and now I feel like I’ve taken two (or more) steps backwards. Lots of bugs after the last update but the most annoying is this altitude one.

ATC tells me to climb to 20k feet and it’s a guessing game as to what altitude I have to climb to inorder for ATC to recognize me being at 20k. 20,500? 20,800? This morning I’m flying ZPPP to WMKK and it’s a full thousand feet off. Argh.

Not to mention the fact that randomly the voices of ATC and my copilot sound like they’ve taken a bottle of Ativan.

It’s mentioned as being fixed in the next hotfix, coming Friday or Monday.

Just turn off live weather until hotfix arrives

So live weather is the cause of this then?, I didn’t know that.

From the Asobo post about the hotfix:

ATC Incorrect Altitude – The pressure altitude has been brought in line with the new altimeter simulation and ATC should no longer ask you to get to your current altitude if you’re already there. This is addressed in the hotfix. Further improvements to the altimeter and ambient pressure system will be coming in World Update 6.

Fingers crossed then that this hotfix is for both platforms

Great Thread - so with that said if the ILS approach shows 2500 feet what is the correct height.

Another problem is I fly at Homestead AFB - it shows my altitude on the ground at 1700 feet although I know the correct altitude is 6 feet above sea level which I can see the ocean from the field.


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