Highest mountain on Earth located at Belize

Have you seen this while flying over Belize? This looks like the opposite of

the giant hole in Brazil.

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That’s the new Space Elevator that MS has contracted out to be built. It should be finished around 2025. NASA has its eye on it…


Well, thanks for the heads up sir. LOL

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And I thought I could fly anywhere with the TBM. Sigh…

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I hiked that mountain last week on my Thanksgiving break. I’ll share some pics if you want?

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How high is it? Maybe a qualified “slewer” could let us know?

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That would be great. I have some more on Guatemala for your next break though.

Yup, I guess we could ask.

I’ve thought that myself, but it seems we where both wrong.

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Is this still there in the update?

Yes. But the Christmas lights look great hanging on it!

Sorry, this thread lends itself to stupidity; on my part. It comes easy. After my next flight, I will have a look-see. That’s my punishment.

The mountain from Hades is still there. I was hoping to see an Angel or sompin’ on the top. The screenprint below has the closest airport and the lat/lon is on the bottom right corner.

Airport MZSI:

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