Historic Aircraft Need Historic Airports

For those interested in creating a realistic airfield of the First World War and the Second World War… I send the photos of the Gonars Airfield…
The camp was closed at the end of the Grande. Reopened in 1942 due to its proximity to the Gonars Concentration Camp and its railway station of the Mortelliano-Palmanova line (railway never inaugurated but used for military and deportation purposes), it was bombed and destroyed by the USA. After the war it was used as a makeshift camp and later by Stefanel who had an agricultural activity. Now the field is a simple agricultural land still used for landings. It is now an un-surveyed private airfield. If someone wants to recreate the camp with historical aeri of the First World War and / or the Second World War … can do it. I send photos of the field.

Per chi fosse interessato a creare un realistico campo di volo della prima guerra mondiale e della seconda guerra mondiale… mando le foto del Campo di Volo di Gonars…
Il campo fu chiuso a fine della Grande. Riaperto nel 1942 vista la sua vicinanza al Campo di Concentramento di Gonars e alla relativa stazione ferroviaria della linea Mortelliano-Palmanova (ferrovia mai inaugurata ma usata per scopi militari e di deportazione), venne bombardato e distrutto dagli USA. Nel dopo guerra venne usato come campo di fortuna e successivamente dalla Stefanel che aveva un’attività agricola. Ora il campo è un semplice terreno agricolo ancora usato per atterraggi. E’ ora un campo di volo privato non censito. Se qualcuno vuole ricreare il campo con aeri storici della prima guerra mondiale e/o della seconda guerra… può farlo. Invio le foto del campo.

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Gonars 2 1916

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LIUJ Guideline: 04/22


meters 45,917389994/13,224272175 380 meters X 60 meters

Direction: 37° True

Opening 1914

Closure 1948

Currently private airfield used by Stefanel. Hangars and structures have been demolished, but it is possible to reproduce

LIUJ Orientamento: 04/22


metri 45,917389994/13,224272175 380 metri X 60 metri

Direzione: 37° True

Apertura 1914

Chiusura 1948

Attualmente campo di volo privato usato da Stefanel. Gli hangar e le strutture sono state demolite, ma è possibile riprodurre

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It seems to me a very good idea to create a historical scenario with historical airs from 1917 … Among other things, the Area of Gonars is rich in history… in addition to having had the airport of Gonars there was also the concentration camp and a railway never inaugurated but used during the Second World War. Also not far away, in Mortegliano there were 5 airfields, three still in place and two became private camps. On FSX all…

Mi sembra un’ottima idea creare uno scenario storico con aeri storici del 1917… Tra l’altro la zona di Gonars è ricca di storia… oltre ad aver avuto l’aeroporto di Gonars c’era pure il campo di concentramento ed una ferrovia mai inaugurata ma usata durante la Seconda Guerra Mondiale. Inoltre non lontano, a Mortegliano c’erano ben 5 aviosuperfici tre ancora in essere e due divenuti campi privati. Su FSX sono state create tutte…

I would definitely like to see Berlin Tempelhof.

EDIT: I just found one :slight_smile:

Berlin Tempelhof Airport - EDDI » Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Nice to see historic airports but in MSFS are still missing many actual airports:

Sure, but this discussion is about historic airports. I don’t expect Masobo San will address this, but third party developers can it seems.

but in fact the invitation was for our expert scenographers of scenarios that maybe could reproduce Gonars …

ma infatti l’invito era per i nostri scenografi esperti di scenari che magari potrebbero riprodurre Gonars…

Thanks for the link…I’d actually found that one and am impressed with it. Sadly it has the two runways which were built in 1948. Up until then it was just a large, open, circular grass field that allowed planes to take off in any direction.

I’m going to see if I can contact the author of that file and see if they might make a version like that.

Check out this website. There has been a large community of developers and flyers interested in historic flying forever…


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Really cool, imagine this kind of content updated and curated to MSFS standards. Cant wait for some of those classic planes.

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Many airports are still missing on MS2020. SIcuramente Bibione, Gonars, Caorle and Mossa. Also missing Manzano, Casalfiumanese, Friends with Wings (Anzola dell’Emilia), etc …

If it were possible to transform FSX airfields into Fs2020… I can pass the file with all the airfields of Italy made with ADE on FSX.

Mancano ancora molti aeroporti su MS2020. SIcuramente Bibione, Gonars, Caorle e Mossa. Manca anche Manzano, Casalfiumanese, Amici con le Ali (Anzola dell’Emilia), ecc…

Se fosse possibile trasformare le aviosuperfici di FSX in Fs2020… posso passare il file con tutte le aviosuperfici d’Italia fatte con ADE su FSX.

I suggest for those who love the history of the Cold War the Military Air Base of Tito Zeljava on the border between Bosnia and Croatia.
It was the largest airport in Europe with 5 bunker runways, heliports etc …

The military base of Zeljava, in the Croatian-Bosnian border - I look at the world from a porthole (guardoilmondodaunoblo.it)

Suggerisco per chi ama la storia della Guerra Fredda la Base Aera Militare di Tito Zeljava al confine tra Bosnia e Croazia.
Era il più grande aeroporto d’Europa con ben 5 piste bunker, eliporti ecc…

La base militare di Zeljava, nel confine Croato-Bosniaco - Guardo il mondo da un oblò (guardoilmondodaunoblo.it)

It would be great to have the late 1960s early 70s Vietnam - flying in a slick or loach through the An Khe pass or anywhere else in I core or II core.

Where can I download Berlin Tegel Airport? The existing airport on FS2020 is gone as it has been closed. Had anyone made the scenario for FS2020? Could any of you create the historic Gonars airport with Airs from the First World War?

I downloaded the folder, put the folder in community but in the game selecting the airports does not find this airport.

Modern Tempelhof? Tempelhof has been closed since 2008 and is now a park. Good luck finding a “modern runway” there, the airport is long gone.

In the game, the runways are still there with the stock scenery, just with big X’s over them. Perfectly usable if you don’t care to role-play the German ATC temper-tantrum that would occur in real life.

The runways are in a perfect state so it seems, funny, on Bing maps it looks quite abandoned… Interesting that the airport is not just a satellite image, shouldn’t be listed in any database anymore. It was a very cool airport, I have been there once just before is closed. You are coming in low over roof tops.