Hotfix the flaps bug now, not in sim update 3

Respectfully you don’t know that they can’t hotfix the files.

If Asobo communicated one way or another it would be helpful.

What’s even worse is that this is essentially a flagship title; so… eventually this is gonna hit outside the community that MS/Asobeo said “Our users can fix it themselves”.

So… that’s a look.

I just leave this here :joy:

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The problem with the locked premium files is that you have to mess around with the layout.json in the Official Asobo folder. I’m not going to bother with putting fixes out where things could go from bad to worse for some people. Releasing the cfg files is easy, the fix itself another problem. Not to mention that this is a easy way out for Asobo, which sucks.

This is why I used the word “probably”.
Either there is some serious technical obstacle, prohibiting them from releasing the hotfix.
Or they just don’t care, busy with some other stuff, not willing to disrupt thier Scrum sprint.
I hope there is really something technical, because on the Developer Q&A sessions they seem like a passionate people, who really care.


Honestly if it was just a random visual bug or a “if condition x occurs then y happens every now and then” type situation sure it wouldn’t be too big of a deal and probably not worth the effort to patch but come on this is quite literally effecting every plane in the sim (1st or 3rd party) therefore every user.

Is it really acceptable to just leave the community hanging with a poorly described possible fix that doesn’t apply to all aircraft til the next major update?

I think the big picture problem here is the approach to updates in general, this is just gonna end up repeating itself as the feature craving ‘brand new major update’ update cycle rolls on ignoring bugs importance and leaving them them as “we’ll fix it next time” points

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Agreed but without communication they leave it up to the community to create the narrative.

Fixing it early means going through QA and testing every plane etc. It will take half the time until the next release anyway. Better for them to just add it to the next release which will have a full regression test anyway. More efficient use of resources.

If you can’t use a protected plane use one of the other 20-30 planes available. It’s not like its a real plane and you are not qualified to fly it.

I understand the frustration since people paid money for this but an expansive world wide game with so many aircraft, sceneries and addons is going to have bugs - big ones even. It doesn’t matter how many QA people they have or how long they test. Its an infinite number of tests to run.

I just think people need to get used to this because it’s been like this since release and until the beta process is live later this year it won’t get any better.

Dont use your old backup models. The problem is caused by something that is hardcoded and not in the cfg files themselfs. Your old backups could cause more problems.

Some people have home cockpits and can’t easilly change steam-gauges cessna to G1000 one :frowning:
Some take it serious, follow the cheklists, learn the characteristics of the planes, especially if they use the sim to stay current in winher when unable to fly the specific planes in real life.

Thank-you for

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Well, If I was a 3PD I wouldn’t want to release into this environment. So this also likely holds up any upcoming aircraft that we might have seen. Although, maybe this just confirms that no one was going to release until after sim update 3 anyway…

Well I respectfully disagree because you don’t know this since Asobo hasn’t communicated.

While this may be true this isn’t about the most efficient use of resources which is a mathemtical cost-benefit calculation.

Logically it may make sense not to issue a hotfix. Without communication from Asobo we won’t know.

However it’s a lack of social intelligence and empathy to be able to consider how their users will react to a twice-delayed patch that ended up creating more issues then were solved.

Telling people that they should just use one of the default planes, hand modify it and be happy because we’re not qualified to fly it…seriously?

Everyone knows this is an extremely complex game and Asobo has a lot to be proud of in terms of creating the world using Azure and Bing.

Nobody should be expected to get used to this…Asobo has some hard reflecting to do in my opinion of how they are moving forward.

Which is a great opportunity to involve the community more in the process so our expectations are managed.


Thank you!!!

I have often tried to stay away from the negative not because I am blinkered and a MSFS Fanboy, but purely because there is so much negativity everywhere at the current time and there was no way I was going to let a simulator/game (dependent on your view of it !!) drag me down. By the way its a simulator to me!!

However I think we have reached new depths here. To actually suggest that users should go and fix this themselves I think is unacceptable in everyway, also they have not supplied the fix for the horrible blue outlines I see around objects now, will I also be expected to fix that myself as well?

We don’t know how long the next SIM update will be, the last world update was delayed three times, how many times will the next one be delayed ??? We could be at this stage for a while !!

There are obviously serious issues within ASOBO/MS in regard to the management of updates and the O/A of them, nearly every update to the SIM to date has brought more issues in one way or another.

I have said on other threads that we have so many very talented individuals in our community who can very quickly work these issues out and provide us with fixes for them, but I do worry that soon they will also tire of this circle of rinse and repeat and move to other things. I have read some threads already where Dev’s are starting to tire of it.

Please don’t take this as a rant it’s not it’s just a concerned user who has invested quite a lot in this in terms of new hardware etc and despite trying to stay positive, is seeing things going south !!

Not matter what happens hopefully we never see a repeat of this in future updates.


If the fix is as simple as editing one line of “code” in the CFG files then why don’t they just do a quick hotfix. I experienced this issue a couple of hours ago in the B350 and it ruined the flight when trying to land.

As for the “fix” that Asobo have posted on this Community Forum, how are the “average” users supposed to know what the “flight_model.cfg” is and where it is? Me, I’m fine with it as I’m a software engineer and understand the MSFS file system but does anyone else other than those of us that “tinker” with flight sim internals?


Can we even apply the fix to the 787? It’s encrypted and iirc it doesn’t allow us to make changes to the files

I haven’t found a way too yet, if you do be sure to share.

Hi everyone,

We appreciate the passion we are seeing for this particular bug and your feedback on the situation is duly noted and will be passed on to the rest of the team for further consideration. We hear you. We would like to however, reiterate that the workaround provided is simply a workaround you can use if you so choose. We were not insinuating that fixing this bug is up to you, the community. It is simply a temporary fix for those who feel comfortable enough to execute. This is our teams mistake and it is now being worked on. We know this is not ideal for everyone’s simming experience but the team is focused on bringing you Sim Update 3 with this bug fully fixed. We recognize it was our mistake. If there is an update or change of plans, I will keep you updated.

For now, however, we are closing this thread as there is already a thread that talks about this issue. Please leave any further feedback there. Thank you!


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