HP Reverb G1 Color Saturation

Hi Pilots,

is there a way to saturat the colors a little bit?

I use a Nvidia 2070 Super with the Reverb G1, The colors are relatively flat!

I miss the colorful sunsets :smiley:

no solution yet?

To Nvidia and Asobo then!!!

PLEASE make VR Settings in MSFS avaible ! Individual Color Settings is a must be!

Thank You

There is already a topic for this, please vote:

[BUG/FEATURE] Provide a Sharpen strength setting, and more post-processing effect controls in VR

PS: the G1 panels are duller than others though and you might not get a “magic wand” in the end because of the hardware limitation.

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yeah! Thank you! I read this also about the G1, just a little bit more color! Of course it can´t beat the monitor

I´ll check the topic out

FINALY find a topic:

yourWindowsProfileFolder>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\UserCfg.opt

In this file you can set the graduate (Colorgrade) up to 2 or 3 save it and then enjoy your saturated colors on the Reverb G1 :smiley: of course monitor is awful ten :smiley:

That is a nice find! I’ll have to try it out with the G2 and the Index too.

Maybe EyeAdaptation supports higher value for a different tone mapping bias!
And maybe Sharpen can be adjust between 0 and 1 too!

I’ll have a few test to do!!

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i´ll find the original topic again: Here is the link: And you right, they´ll suggest ist also with the sharpenes cause of the grain :slight_smile: Just a lucky chance finding this topic, cause 2070 Super was the main subject:


What is new to me is using values above 1 (I was presuming it would 0 or 1 only for these).

It depends on the setting. Some of the settings are simply on or off (1 or 0), like the sharpening and most of the settings on the post-processing section of the config.opt file.

In other cases, there are levels of a setting, like what you’d see on the sliders or select boxes (low, med, high, ultra) in the settings menu in the sim. In these cases, they’ll support numbers over 1, as each number corresponds to one of those settings.

Yes of course, I should have be more precise: what is new to me is using values above 1 for these post-processing settings. Otherwise the rest is self-evident indeed.

I think I was a little too hasty?

The colors are more colorful, i entered 2 at colorgrade. I had the notepad open at the same time with the msfs. After I opened the file again, the number was set back to 1.

But i was shure the colors where more colorful

Maybe i just came on the slider for “Aerosol Density” cause if you set it to 17 the colors are very nice, of course flying against the sun is ■■■■ :smiley: but with the sun in your neck! great

ColorGrading doesn’t go above 1, it’s only On/Off (0/1). Personally with a G1 I don’t notice any difference with the two settings, I’m trying to fix the “washed out” look in VR vs Monitor but haven’t found the right setting yet. I don’t get this with other VR Titles which leads me to believe there’s something here that can be tweaked.

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Yeah. I think it s an FS “Problem”. They should implement color grading sliders in the Flightsim (grafici settings). So everyone can adjust for his personal taste / preferences.

While I generally prefer a somewhat brighter replay, the Reverb 1 is too bright even for me. Is there really no tool to adjust this? I would be even willing to pay a few €s for it.

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