HP Reverb G2

So after much debate over triple screens or an ultra wide, I was finally convinced to go VR. I’ve always wanted to try it, but didn’t know if I’d like it having physical controls with a VR headset on.

Just shipped today and should be here Friday! Pretty excited but also a bit worried about my hardware. From videos I’ve watched, seems you really have to tune those graphics settings pretty low to get a smooth experience with my current rig.

Running a 9700K and 2070 Super with plans to upgrade to a 3080 whenever possible. Would love to run high settings on the important stuff. I know a 2070 won’t do it, but for those with 3080’s, that seem likely?

Hi, welcome to MSFS in VR! :grinning:
I have a three screen setup but they became virtually obsolete when I got my G2 and MSFS got VR support. It is fantastic! When you get it, make sure you download OpenXR (it’s free from the MS Store)
Run it and go into “developer settings”
Make sure “use latest preview” is ticked and also “custom render scale” - you can then move the scale back to around 60-70% (or even 50%) which should hopefully give you a smoother vr experience.

One more thing which catches everyone out (including myself!) when you first launch MSFS with your G2 connected… go into the flight sim’s controls settings… change the filter from “assigned” to “all” - search for VR. Four settings should appear, including “Reset VR view” (or something similar) you need to bind a control for this, BEFORE you activate VR mode in light sim, otherwise you’ll be stuck on a screen saying something like “you need to recentre VR”



Thank you very much for the advice! I am completely new and will have to take advantage of the community here to get myself set up. So any and all advice is greatly apricated!

I very much hope that VR blows me away. I’ve been watching videos, and I am getting excited. I am, however, trying to contain that excitement so I am not let down.

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I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. My first headset was the Rift CV1 (I sold it when I ordered the G2)
My interest in VR started two or three years before actually getting the Rift & trying it. I had watched a countless number of videos on YouTube & read so many reviews… but I still wasn’t ready for the experience I was about to try for myself. It blew my mind! LOL
A few years later I bought a Quest (original version) & I still have that.
Now of course the excellent Reverb G2… & MSFS in VR! It doesn’t get much better than that (although I’m sure it will :grinning:)

Hope your new headset arrives ok on Friday & you have a lot of fun with it :+1:


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Good luck on Friday! If you haven’t already found it - make sure to check out the excellent advice on setting up by CptLucky8 (linked below) … quite a bit to read, but well worth working through to get set up right. Took me a few days to get the balance, but worth the effort.

I have a similar rig to your current (9700 & 2080Ti). I can get to a tolerably smooth display with a reasonable level of detail. Also found that I have to position the G2 ‘just right’ to get the most from the much debated small in-focus sweet spot; but quickly got used to it.

But the immersion makes up for all the compromises. Although I run in 2D in full 4K and everything high/ultra, I’m finding ‘flying’ out of VR becoming a very incomplete experience, no matter how good it looks in 2D :joy:

Critical advice above about binding the ‘reset view’ key. The other one that is extremely useful is binding a key to switch between screen and headset display (My personal choice for this was SPACE) … easy to find if you need to get in or out of VR during flight.


Space bar does the same thing, but you are right, it’s the first thing I mapped!

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It will - believe me.
Once you get it give yourself a couple of days to get everything set up and working together properly. Trust me I have been doing VR since Jan 2017 and it is incredible, and especially gorgeous in this sim.

Reverb G2 is an awesome headset but not exactly plug and play. You will have some frustrating moments but I am sure will get plenty of help as you cross them, and in the end it will all be wonderful!

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Thank you for that! I will definitely be giving all the resources here a read to get set up!

You n me both brother. Mine’s on the truck now for delivery today. My first foray into VR.

VR is indeed an awesome experience. The biggest gripe I have is the cockpit readability. I have a G2 and a 2080Ti, and I read through all the posts here and elsewhere about ideal settings, but to no avail. Luckily there is a binding called “VR cockpit focus” that is a life safer for me (bound to a HOTAS switch)…

You might want to read this discussion, this might help you (or not):
My 2070 SUPER VR settings and suggestion (Reverb G2 - WMR)

Especially the “Balancing performance and visuals” chapter. For example you might try:

FS2020 OpenXR Comments
TAA 80% SS 60% Best for Airliners where EFIS sharpness is more important than external view

Having same issue using Quest 2, so be very interested how you get on with the G2 in this matter. Please keep updating us.


So just wanted to drop by and give an update on my experience after two shorter sessions with the headset.

The immersion is absolutely unreal! I was blown away at how 3D everything looks. I was not expecting that at all. I often am finding myself trying to reaching for the controls in the VR world.

My main concern when ordering the headset was graphics. I was afraid my system would not run the game with high enough settings for me to enjoy it over screens. I’ve now found out that the sim looks quite nice even when the settings are turned down. I have settings of mostly medium with some high settings mixed in. And to be honest, the sim still looks really good.

The thing I read about but was not worried about was the sweet spot and overall blurriness of distant scenery. I don’t find my sweet spot all that bad, but I don’t have anything to compare it to. I’m able to get the headset in a good spot, crank that thing to my face, and I have a pretty good experience. I don’t find myself needing to look far enough outside the sweet spot to see things.

The scenery however, is something I’m sure isn’t really fixable. It’s not terrible, but it’s not ideal. But it’s something I can live with.

The level of immersion is unreal. VFR flying is awesome. I did find myself getting nauseous flying jets and airliners with the autopilot on. But, I’m sure I will get use to that with time. I haven’t gotten a ton of time to play around with settings, so I’m excited to get it even more dialed in graphically. Overall, very happy I pulled the trigger!

Thanks for everyone’s advice in this thread!

What exactly issues were you having? I didn’t run into any major issues while setting up like I expected. Was a rather smooth process, surprisingly.

You might want to see my post and link above, and try this:

FS2020 OpenXR Comments
TAA 60% SS 100% Best for analog gauges GA aircraft with super detailed outside view.

Hello. I did notice that it is possible to order the G2 without controllers. My question: When using the G2 only for FS2020, is it ok to order without the controllers? Or are this controllers needed to do any setup, connection, confirmation (as it is for the Oculus Quest I am using at the moment).


I’d say if the price difference is not much, you might prefer taking controllers just in case you need them later for trying out something else or when they implement controller support in VR. In the meantime I don’t use them in FS2020 except when there is this nasty WMR switching to the cliff house and showing up a popup “You IP address is” which I can only close with a controller…

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Yes I did not think about this point. Makes sense…

Thanks and regards

They are also required if i.e. you want to use some of your desktop windows inside the cockpit. This follow me function must be handled with the controller. Same for screenshots or video recording within VR. Thought about the same but at least i ordered the one with controller.

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