I didn't know I have to update Content Manager items after an update?

As it says above. I went and looked at my content manager and all planes and sceneries need to be updated? I thought when you did a version update it automatically did those also. I guess not.

Thoughts for some that are having issues you might check and see if updating helps.

It’s under PROFILE / CONTENT MANAGER. Look at what you have installed and see which ones need to be updated.

Hope this helps some.


It doesn’t necessarily follow. After “The Update”, many of the packages were no longer compatible, so had to be updated. But it doesn’t always happen; you just have to check.

Yes, not your fault really.

The update process is pretty messy to be honest and not just a one button press on the update icon as with most games.

Also, If you are having any issues with CTDs updating all the content could conceivably be a benefit here too. Be careful though what you do update though since not all addons are compatible with HF2.

The whole MSFS update process if far too lengthy and requires way too many steps from the end user. I started a thread on this subject last week you may want to check out.


Not only that but you probably want to delete your rolling and manual caches too, unless you fancy spending an extra day or two reading the forums trying to work out why things aren’t working properly.

The update process in this game is worse than anything I’ve ever seen.


I’d forgotten about that; mixing new scenery files with old cache isn’t the best idea ever conceived.

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Yup, just posted about this in another thread…total PITA


And then after all that…it can still not work!

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