I feel absolutely no Turbulences With gust Set to Forums advice pls Help (custom Weather Settings)

Hey Guys,
Just Updated to su6 and flew several Planes and i Had NO TURBULENCES in the flight. I Tried about 5 Planes Standard as Well as addon Planes in varius Weather Settings. I Got into a storm for example with behavings Like clear skies.
Absolut disappointment.
Pls Tell me what iam doing wrong Here.
I dont know what to do in this Case anymore.
Its really frustrating.
Best Regards.

Can you share a screenshot on your custom wind and gust settings?

It’s difficult for us to see what’s wrong by only imagining based on a few written sentences. A picture can speak a thousand words.

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Yes, please give us some pictures or videos of the problem. The gusts do not make more turbulence in storms. That they need to add that simulations to be in the sim or it’s very limmited in the sim right now. Storms make turbulence because of the high difference in the preassure in the air because of the uneven heating of the earth. Gusts adds fluctuating wind speed horizontally that comes from frictions on the ground mostly. Gusts usually adding more unpredicted landings over runway when landing, taking off & on approach. At higher altitudes it should be less gusts. Gusts are also formed in those storms you mention but i don’t think it’s that you looking for here. I think you mean the up&downdrafts that are created when real high preassure and real low preassure collides and creates those big up&downdrafts you mentioning.

Windsetting that you see in the settings is the avarage measured windspeed. Gusts should be the highest value of that measured windspeed and always set that value higher than the wind to be realistic. Gust per minute is how many gusts you will have in a minute. The gust per minute slider i mostly set at between 1-5 because if i set them higher the gusts will be to frequent to be noticable. Mostly the wind-direction and gust-direction should be the same. It can be varied too but that will make it real hard to fly as it is in real life too. Above 5000ft/agl i would recommend to set gusts to 0 because there it should not be much gusts to get it realistic.

I think they need to have some learning about things in the sim to make us learn about things while using the sim. Otherwise we will complain about things that actually is correct. I didn’t know about these things before i noticed the gusts was gone from the sim.

I think you should vote on this to have those storm turbulences.

There is also a bug in the custom weather settings that sets the wind and gusts speed at 50% on groundlevel that you can vote on here.

The thing i would have improved with the gusts my self is that the gusts gradually decreases the higher above ground we are like the windspeed is increasing the higher we are and also want it back in live-weather. And if they could make the wind fluctuate naturally without any inputs but that requires them to simulate the whole worlds weather/frictions in real time because gusts are dependent on so many different things.

This is a video i made yesterday with gusts and i think it looks&feels realistic with gusts. Not the best landing though :rofl: It’s much more challenging now with gusts.


Hey Guys thank you so much for the fast answers. I really appreciate it.
I voted for both you send me here but I think I made the mistake. I will try it at home and then I give you a feedback or some pictures.
Best Regards

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Ok think iam getting it slowly now. So it’s like a step system, ground then the next one and the space between these 2 layers Simulate the gusts from the one below so the one at the top need to be set with no gusts am I right ? Sorry for my English iam from Germany

Best Regards

Uhh… No, that’s the wind layer… Gusts are in a different setting. Usually it was located below the wind direction and strength. Have you tried scrolling down on the wind direction compass?


This is my settings right now

Push on those windlayers you are marking and then change the settings to the right of them. You can scroll up and down as i show you in the clip. Then test it while you are flying and see whats happening. You will notice that some settings is not that realistic because you should never fly in weather like that IRL. But it’s fun to play around with :slight_smile: I think to get it realistic we need to know how wind works to start with.

Read about winds and gusts and you will learn how they works.

I will make a video showing in game how i set it up too. It takes time to process though that make it take a while to post it here. I often use meteoblue weather or METAR as a template for the airport i will use.

The marked area shows 5-12KTS

The low value 5KTS as wind and the high value as gust 12KTS :slight_smile: That i would like Asobo to use in Live-weather too everywhere we fly. That would make it much more dynamic.

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Also only try to use one layer at groundlevel if you have problems. I think maybe the layers can create some issues, for me they are working fine when i’m using them often i only set the bottom to make it easy.

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Hey Guys thank very much for all off your help I finally had some descent flights last night and I got pretty thrown around in the crj and a320.
I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:
Have a great day :blush:
Best Regards

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Yes it makes a huge difference with gusts. Especially the landings gets more challenging :slight_smile: Hope they manage to get it in the live-weather also to make the live-weather more dynamic&challenging.

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That would be sooooo nice I did it yesterday with meteo blue thats a nice workaround.
Thx again :slight_smile:
Most challenging was the crj definitely.

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Will also try with crj :slight_smile: The smaller planes the more we notice them. I think also the more time the devs put in the flightmodel the more realistic the gusts feel in the planes.

Glad we could help you :slight_smile:

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I flew FBW A320 from Nice to Basel last night. The turbulence (live weather) on ILS 15 Y approach was significant, even seated in a non-moving chair. :slight_smile:


Ok really ? Need to try then with live weather :open_mouth:

I tried it today at EDJA with wind 33 g 51 reported on METARS. It was no gusts at all. I posted a clip of the test with live weather and custom weather with the reported winds in the thread if you want to see it. If the METARS or meteoblue reports a specific wind they should inject that value.

The test i did was in headwind thats why it’s not pushing me sideways but you can see the fluctuation in airspeed better. That is gusts. In crosswind gusts should look like the one i posted here above in an earlier video with custom weather used only, that wind fluctuated between 20-40kts.

Let me know what you get as conclusion now when you know how to set up real reported gusts in custom weather :slight_smile:

The mechanical turbulence i think they improved on in this update though that make the winds go vertically up/down. It’s more noticable and it makes the gusts more real too when activating them using custom weather. Have you tried custom weather with real reported gusts as input? Try crosswind landings they are the most fun and challenging. I want them to inject the real gusts that are reported right now on METAR or meteoblue. That not working in live-weather it’s only constant wind on runways with a variation of around 2kts up and down where it should be the most gusts IRL.

You can see where it’s reporting gusts here badbadweather.com :: High gusts

I completely agree. Crosswind landings are a lot of fun - also in real life by the way, but that’s ancient history. At the moment the most challenging landing for me is Madeira but again, its all change in wind speed. I’d love to see wind shear across tree tops, around storms and the regular turbulence between layers as well as close to jet streams. I leave thermals to the glider people, I’m too old and lazy to chase those. :wink:

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I made landing with custom weather at 33kts gusting 51. I wish it where like that in live weather too. I uploaded it just now and it’s still processing into hd&4k.

Maybe you can enjoy it until it’s ready. The landing could be better. Need to learn use rudder in those crosswinds.

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That landing could also have been lot worse. You sir, are certifiable! :joy:

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