I found Saguaro Cactus in Sierra Vista

Need to have some of those in Phoenix and Tucson. This is the only spot in the world where the Saguaro cactus live.

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This is it ?

Check out 3d models of these… you could export them with Blender and place them as you like



Yep. That’s a Saguaro.

Used to live in Tucson and there would occasionally be news some high school or college kid tried to tip one and had it fall backwards on the vandal and crush them under hundreds and hundreds of pounds of water weight with lots of very sharp and quite long cactus spines impaling them. They don’t have especially deep or strong roots and the young ones think it’s a fun sport to have too many beers and try to tip one over.

More fun in Tucson was the various people who try to drive through washes during monsoon rains, get washed away, and drown - or just drive off the narrow road going up Mt. Lemon and plunge to their deaths. There was one radio jockey there who would stretch the “over” when he would say “and another one went oooooover the edge”.

Tucson was kind of a hoot at times. :grin:

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I put one on Pinal runway near Tucson Arizona :yum:

It’s BIG

Put a few… vary size and turn a bit… to do a landscape I’d need a set of them… different shapes. For now

There are better models… this is a free one. "low poly " so you could place a lot of them and it looks not bad from afar. But with these… actually… you get near they look like cucumbers :cat:


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