IFR Lesson Unending?

Trying the New IFR lesson on the latest build. I’m only on the first lesson “Climb and Descend” She had me climb to 4500 and then descend to 4000. Now she has me holding this altitude and bearing while we seem to be flying endlessly in to the Atlantic. If I deviate enough, she insists we stay on course.

Do these lessons end on their own? Is this a BUG that will have me sitting here all day waiting for further instruction until we run out of fuel and ditch in to the Atlantic?

The first 5 worked for me but had to click CDI button on Garmin to select VOR1 to stay on course and do everything good enough to not get the gentle scolding message (i.e your too hi/low, too fast/slow). After the scolding sometimes it would stop giving instructions and like you said, fly endlessly. The 6th lesson (IFR landing) you have to do everything as instructed without getting scolded to get the next instruction, but even with a perfect gentle landing it would say “watch out!” just before touchdown then a “failed” screen comes up with the plane sitting on it’s belly like the landing gear wasn’t down, even though it’s always down on this plane. The 7th lesson stopped giving instructions after telling you to turn 225°. I continued on that heading for about a half hour maintaining 110 IAS/5000 ft then got a “where are you going” message. Repeated 7th again but this time turned to land at the airport the GPS was set to and landing failed just like lesson 6. I believe it’s a bug. Perhaps one of the pro pilots on the forum could test the last two lessons to be sure.


Awesome, thank you.
Too bad it doesn’t provide more feedback regarding the mission.
I’ll give it my best shot, but I’m more interested in just learning the procedures to use in the sim than passing the mission.

I found an active post about the IFR lesson issues at “"ILS Approach" and "IFR Test" flight training bug - #9 by SalvyBaby”. Many with the same and similar problems. There’s also lessons on the Cessna C172 at “[OFFICIAL] Twitch Flying Lessons: C152”. It has detailed instructions (pdf files) and videos on flying this plane. MSFS itself has very little for explaining things. I’ve had it for over a year now and found the best way is just search YouTube videos and go straight to the manufacturer such as Garmin.com and download the G1000 manual.

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Exact same issues here as DronFinder discribed

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Same here GRRRRRR

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Same issue for me as described re: ILS landing lesson. Perfect smooth landing many times then - Watch out followed by failed.

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