Improved VFR Map

As we all know, it’s the little things that really make a sim shine and result in an enjoyable experience. Now, those of us on Xbox obviously have no ability to download mods. We can however, download from the Marketplace. In my MANY hours flying I’ve always wondered “Hmm, where am I exactly? Am I flying over Serbia or am I still over Bosnia?” or “Have I made it to Missouri yet or am I over Oklahoma?” (for example) so many times. This leads me to scanning the area for a city name, then having to “Google” that place. So my question here is…

Is anyone able/willing to create an “Improved VFR Map”? What I mean by that is, adding in the mapped lines to designate States/Regions/Countries. That’s it, that’s all I ask. I’d even be willing to purchase such a Marketplace Item.


FSX Map is pretty good (

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Will it work in VR?

I have no idea as I do not use VR. I suggest you go to the website and research it further.

Perhaps a marketplace version of these mods available outside the marketplace:

They integrate SkyVector charts which, by my observation, are not always 100% aeronautically correct, but are close enough for jazz.

That’s pretty much the idea of the Marketplace Addon that I’m requesting. However, without SkyVector. “But why without SkyVector?” You might be asking… Well that’s because the Xbox version won’t allow us to connect to 3’rd Party Software. No background scripts. Therefore, all I’m really asking for is the same VFR Map that we have now (that the Sim comes with), but with proper mapped lines that would outline States/Regions/Countries to further aid the Xbox user in knowing exactly where they are in their flight. Something more than “Oh great, I’m at the TOPAZ waypoint… Wherever the heck that is.”

In short, a simple re-skin is what I’m requesting. If someone’s willing to make it and post it on the Marketplace (for Xbox of course) then I’m willing to purchase it.

If your doing this for the PC then don’t forget to do it for the growing number of Xbox users!

That’s fair enough.

I imagine it would involve more than a reskin, but surely Bing Maps could provide more detail.

In fact, I’m surprised the World/VFR maps are so rudimentary.

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Agreed. I don’t know what caused them to make that choice.

I have this issue on xbox, as well. I’d encourage you to vote for the feature suggestion (link below) to add GPS coordinates on VFR maps so we know where we are flying!

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patirish2, I’ve just seen your post about, it looks just what I want but how do I get it? Do I have to donate first? I should add that I don’t use Facebook.
Another question because on their website I’m not seeing any contact option is 'can fsxmap be dragged to a second or third monitor/tablet on PC? Thanks for your time.