Improving AI Traffic - Here's the First Step I Believe Should be Taken

You may want to consider splitting the topic then.
Here is a breakdown of the subject in this topic:

first post:
1 ) live traffic
2 ) live traffic
3 ) live traffic
but those 3 points are all the same

4 ) live traffic

5 ) traffic AI
6 ) traffic AI
7 ) traffic AI?
8 ) traffic AI?

other posts:
post about go around) traffic AI
post about runway exit/holding point) traffic AI

Seen your last post you seem to agree that live traffic is based on offline traffic AI, so the first step would be to improve offline ai. I see no point in ramping up live traffic numbers if the AI cannot handle busy traffic.
Either way, I’ll stop this discussion here. I propose splitting the topic as suggested earlier in my post, and changing the topic title. :wink:

To me, this is well beyond the scope (and probably budget) of a hundred dollar game.

I can envision a third-party offline solution, though. Full-up online is a bit ambitious at present.

No. I don’t believe I want to.

Traffic AI is obviously part of the live traffic implementation and it should be, so they’re part of the same topic.

All the points are very obviously applied to live traffic.

I am not particularly interested in offline traffic because third parties have plenty of experience with that and will make it work. They’re already working on it on several fronts, so no. There’s no need for splitting, at least for what my thread and my suggestion is concerned.

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So with everything online, and no offline functionality, if I want to experience the morning rush into Heathrow, I have to fly it with live time, even though I may be on the other side of the world? What if the only time available to me is during their curfew hours? I’d never see any traffic at all regardless of the time set in my sim.

I think offline definitely still has its place.

I think you mean offline. And it surely does. That’s what multiple third-parties are working on as we speak.

Your right, I mean offline.

As mentioned above, this would actually be the foundation of the control on top of which live traffic would sit. Hence it makes sense to develop the features of the internal traffic control system first. Otherwise you’d just be throwing 100s of elements at system incapable of dealing with it

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I think you misunderstand that you are discussing two separate things:

  • online traffic) and its spawning/de-spawning issues
  • AI traffic and its behavior issues.

The latter is a separate request and also applies to offline traffic. Yet you disallow people to talk about offline traffic.

They certainly can and should be developed in parallel. Developing things that deeply interact with each other in a vacuum isn’t very efficient, especially within a studio with hundreds of developers and several teams at work.

I can’t disallow anyone from doing anything. I’m not a mod. But this thread is quite obviously about live traffic and the application of AI control to live traffic, which is what I’m fairly sure Asobo intends to focus on due to its relationship with Microsoft. Offline traffic has never been part of this thread.

The whole “but offline traffic!” thing is derailing a thread which isn’t about it. That’s all.

Third-party offline solutions are surely coming. I’m testing one (still has a ways to go) and there are others in the making. No idea who will get to have something “good” available first, but it doesn’t really matter as long as it works.

I would not worry too much about budgets to be honest. This project seem to be worked on without as many budgetary concerns because it isn’t just a matter of selling a sim, but to create a showpiece for Microsoft’s technology, which has its own advantages for MS.

If they were budget-constrained, I seriously doubt they’d be delivering bi-monthly world updates for free even going as far as to hiring third-party scenery devs to get them done. They could absolutely get away with selling them if bringing a direct return on investment with sales was the priority.

There is some improuvment to do also with the runways in use:

Tested for example at MMMX 22/1/2021 around utc 23h00
The wind is low (5 km/h 180°) . The real runway used in real life at this time were 5L and 5R (during all the day probably).
In MSFS 2020 the real traffic land on 23L or 23R.

The runway in use in real life not only depends on wind direction. For example at KLAX the night approach have specific runway even if the wind is the wrong direction (but not too fast).

I use real traffic, real weather.