In desperate need for long haul

It can actually be good for people who only get little bits of time to do stuff during the day, but never get one large chunk of time to do a whole flight. If you split your flight into two parts - you can still virtually complete a whole flight and do your other responsibilities during the cruise.

For example if pre-flight takes 30 minutes, and taxi/takeoff/climb takes 30 minutes, but you only have an hour max: You can do the first part of your flight and then when it’s on autopilot go out of the house for 4 hours or so.

Then when you get back it’s just a 45 minute “playtime” to do the landing and shutdown.

In comparison to those two short play sessions, for an A320 flight of 2.5 hours with 30 minutes of pre-flight you’re kind of tied up at home for the whole 3 hour period. You get a little break during cruise, but it’s not long enough to have anything planned. Sure you could pause the sim halfway for the 4 hours or so you need in between sessions, but it’s not as satisfying. Add to that you get the enjoyment of flying something HEAVY. The big stuff just seems so much more fun to put down onto the runway.

I liked playing haul when studying for my ATPLs, having autopilot in the cruise in the background whilest doing practice exams.

Has anyone got any feedback on the a310 that came with the 40th anniversary? Even with mods the 747 and 777 i just don’t enjoy enough.

This seems to be ideal for long haul:

Since PMDG has patched a few visual bugs a day ago I am really happy with the 737 freight ship. :slight_smile:

I would say with maximum 1 X speed as simrate it’s not an alternative if you don’t enjoy having your computer locked for up to 12-14 hours.